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August and September Intramural Registration

August and September Registration

Looking to compete in friendly, competitive sports? Intramural sports registration is open for enrollment. Individual, dual, and team activities are available. Men’s (M), women’s (W), and co-rec (C) teams are fielded through sorority, fraternity, and independent leagues. Entries accepted for the following sports:

August 27 – September 3:
Cornhole (M,W,C)
Flag Football (M,W)
4-Player Volleyball (C)

September 3 – September 10:
Ultimate Frisbee (M,W,C)
Sand Volleyball (M,W,C)
Golf Singles (M,W)
Tennis Singles (M,W)

If you would like to register for Intramural Sports, visit the website for registration information and instructions on how to register. Payment can be made online via RecTrac or in person at the Perry Field House or Student Recreation Center Welcome Desk.

Intramural Sports Enrich University Experience

Intramural Sports provide an important service to BGSU students. BGSU’s Intramural Sports Program offers a variety of sports in which students can compete, from badminton to flag football to inner-tube water polo.

“Students will remember the friendships and bonds they created while playing,” said Grant Wallace, a Graduate Assistant for the Intramural Sports Program. “It enhances the college experience.”

Some of the more popular sports include flag football, basketball, soccer, and six-on-six volleyball. There are multiple divisions in which student teams can participate; men’s competitive and recreational, women’s competitive and recreation, co-recreation competitive and recreational, fraternity A and B, and sorority.

“We’re one of the largest organizations on campus,” added Wallace.

“There are around 130 to 150 flag football teams,” said Intramural Sports Program Graduate Assistant Rob Latva.

Flag football games are played Monday through Thursday evening. On Wednesday, October 7, BGSU students Craig Tusing, Pat Dougherty, and Austin Arnold, and Zach Gueth, members of the men’s recreational team Oakville enjoyed their first win of the season. All four agreed the win was their favorite part of the flag football intramurals.

While Dougherty and Arnold are seniors, Tusing and Gueth both have plans to play again in the future.

“It gives me a break,” stated Gueth. “I have such a busy schedule.”

Feelings, such as those expressed by Gueth, are common amongst students competing in Intramural Sports.

“It’s a stress reliever,” said Wallace. “The best part is you get a free t-shirt.”

Every team that wins an Intramural Sports Championship receives a free, Intramural Sports Championship t-shirt. The free t-shirt is not the only benefit of competing for an Intramural Sports Title.

“We offer some opportunities to those playing in championships,” stated Latva, “some will be playing in the Doyt.”

While the flag football season is winding down, there are still many other sports offered by the Intramural Sports Program for which students can still register. Badminton, team handball, and whiffleball are just a few of the sports still available for the Fall 2009 semester.

“We have a new sport that’s never been tried before, long drive golf,” said Latva. “We’re taking registration until next Wednesday (October 14.) Inner-tube water polo is a lot of fun. We also have tennis ball, which is an indoor version of softball.”

In addition to providing the opportunity to compete with fellow BGSU students, the Intramural Sports Program also offers students the chance to compete with students from rival UT.

“We do a BG vs. UT Battle of Champions,” stated Latva. “This year flag football will be in the Doyt and basketball will be played at UT.”

Champions from the fraternity A, men’s, women’s, and co-recreation competitive divisions will have the chance to compete in the BG vs. UT Battle of Champions.

The BG vs. UT Battle of Champions is not the only opportunity to compete against students from other schools offered by the Intramural Sports Program.

“We offer regional tournaments with schools from surrounding states,” said Latva. “Students can compete against other universities and move on to nationals. This year they’re in Tampa in January.”

Students interested in regional tournaments can inquire at the Intramural Sports Program office at Perry Field House, Room 130. Additional information about Intramural Sports can be found at

The Shamrocks vs. Stan Mansell: Wednesday, October 29th 8:00

With the way that the flag football leagues are established, these two teams were battling for the third time (2 games in the regular season) in the playoffs.  Both teams got the best of each other taking one game a piece in the regular season.  This game would be the indicator of who would reign supreme in the tough division from which they came.  The game got off to a slow start due to the lack of offensive output, but this should not take away from the excellent defensive plays that were made in the process.  The drought was ended when Stan Mansell scored on a long and efficient drive to make the score 7-0.  The Shamrock’s struggles continued when they threw an interception that led to a quick score for Stan Mansell (14-0).  Just before the end of the first half, Stan Mansell all but ended the game for the Shamrocks by scoring on a pass up the middle to make the score 21-0.  Much of the credit should be given the Stan Mansell’s speedy QB who was running the Shamrocks all over the field.  To add to the frustration of the Shamrocks, they made a nice drive to the goal line only to see Stan Mansell pick another pass.  This proved to be the ender for the Shamrocks and their championship hopes were crushed.  Stan Mansell made some key plays at the end of the game to run the clock out and advance in the playoffs.

Final Score: 21-0 in favor of Stan Mansell

Play of the Game: What seemed to be the Shamrocks only big play of the day was a deep pass that was tipped off the hands of Stan Mansell’s DB and into the hands of the Shamrock’s open receiver.  As the score shows, they did not score off of the play.

Redeem Team vs. Lights Out: October 22nd 9:00

Based on last year’s disappointing finish, Redeem Team came into this season and game with a motive to win and win big.  Due to the cold weather, the game got off to a slow start as players were still warming up.  Lights Out had the ball first, which resulted in a three and out.  This appeared to be the theme throughout the game as they could not establish the running or passing game.  This put much unwanted pressure on the defense. Redeem Team answered to the opponent’s slow start by unloading a touchdown pass to their playmaker Anthony Carson on the opponents porous defense (7-0).  He scored shortly after as well on a nice touch pass that reached him in stride (13-0).  Towards the end of the first half, Redeem Team took advantage of a Lights Out turnover that put them in prime position to score, especially with the momentum they received from that turnover.  They knew the passing game was working, but decided that a nice run would throw them off.  They did a sweep to the left, a lateral back to the right with some jukes, and ended up scoring on what was the nail in the coffin (19-0).  There was a period of the game where both teams were at a standstill, but that was ended by a score with approximately 5 minutes left in the game.  Redeem Team’s accurate QB rolled out to the far right and threw it back to his left to a wide open receiver (25-0).  At this point, frustration was setting in for Lights Out and the game was eventually called with 2 minutes remaining due to league rules.

Final Score: 25-0 in favor of Redeem Team

Play of the Game: Redeem Team’s Lateral play for the long score

Munsoned vs. last MEN standing: Wednesday, October 1st 7:00

We are in week 2 of the flag football season, and there have been some intriguing games. Munsoned vs. last MEN standing was a great matchup and was a good game all until the last few minutes of the game. Both teams got off to early starts scoring off of a pick six(Munsoned) and a touchdown pass(last MEN standing). Munsoned responded by getting a highlight reel touchdown catch soon after. The receiver was back pedaling amid great coverage, tipped the ball, and as he was falling, made the miraculous catch to make the score 13-7. Later in the game, LMS handed the ball off to their speedster(He can probably run the 40 in 4 seconds flat) who turned the corner and attempted a dive into the endzone, but his flag landed on the 2 yard line. They scored 1 play after on a run up the middle to make the game even at 13-all. The second half is where the game became out of reach. Munsoned went for the touchdown on 4th down and got it. One of the weirdest successful throws I have seen all year was done by their QB who kind of flipped it high in the air, on the run, to his receiver to the right (20-13). LMS knew they had to play smart to make a comeback, but that was negated when Munsoned returned another interception for the score (26-13). To add insult to injury, Munsoned scored one last time towards the end of the game.

Final Score: 32-13 in favor of Munsoned

Play(s) of the game: Receiver for Munsoned makes circus catch for the score, and LMS’s speedster runs his way to the 2 yard line leading to an eventual score.

Pictures from game (click on them to see full size)