Redeem Team vs. Lights Out: October 22nd 9:00

Based on last year’s disappointing finish, Redeem Team came into this season and game with a motive to win and win big.  Due to the cold weather, the game got off to a slow start as players were still warming up.  Lights Out had the ball first, which resulted in a three and out.  This appeared to be the theme throughout the game as they could not establish the running or passing game.  This put much unwanted pressure on the defense. Redeem Team answered to the opponent’s slow start by unloading a touchdown pass to their playmaker Anthony Carson on the opponents porous defense (7-0).  He scored shortly after as well on a nice touch pass that reached him in stride (13-0).  Towards the end of the first half, Redeem Team took advantage of a Lights Out turnover that put them in prime position to score, especially with the momentum they received from that turnover.  They knew the passing game was working, but decided that a nice run would throw them off.  They did a sweep to the left, a lateral back to the right with some jukes, and ended up scoring on what was the nail in the coffin (19-0).  There was a period of the game where both teams were at a standstill, but that was ended by a score with approximately 5 minutes left in the game.  Redeem Team’s accurate QB rolled out to the far right and threw it back to his left to a wide open receiver (25-0).  At this point, frustration was setting in for Lights Out and the game was eventually called with 2 minutes remaining due to league rules.

Final Score: 25-0 in favor of Redeem Team

Play of the Game: Redeem Team’s Lateral play for the long score