The Shamrocks vs. Stan Mansell: Wednesday, October 29th 8:00

With the way that the flag football leagues are established, these two teams were battling for the third time (2 games in the regular season) in the playoffs.  Both teams got the best of each other taking one game a piece in the regular season.  This game would be the indicator of who would reign supreme in the tough division from which they came.  The game got off to a slow start due to the lack of offensive output, but this should not take away from the excellent defensive plays that were made in the process.  The drought was ended when Stan Mansell scored on a long and efficient drive to make the score 7-0.  The Shamrock’s struggles continued when they threw an interception that led to a quick score for Stan Mansell (14-0).  Just before the end of the first half, Stan Mansell all but ended the game for the Shamrocks by scoring on a pass up the middle to make the score 21-0.  Much of the credit should be given the Stan Mansell’s speedy QB who was running the Shamrocks all over the field.  To add to the frustration of the Shamrocks, they made a nice drive to the goal line only to see Stan Mansell pick another pass.  This proved to be the ender for the Shamrocks and their championship hopes were crushed.  Stan Mansell made some key plays at the end of the game to run the clock out and advance in the playoffs.

Final Score: 21-0 in favor of Stan Mansell

Play of the Game: What seemed to be the Shamrocks only big play of the day was a deep pass that was tipped off the hands of Stan Mansell’s DB and into the hands of the Shamrock’s open receiver.  As the score shows, they did not score off of the play.