Munsoned vs. last MEN standing: Wednesday, October 1st 7:00

We are in week 2 of the flag football season, and there have been some intriguing games. Munsoned vs. last MEN standing was a great matchup and was a good game all until the last few minutes of the game. Both teams got off to early starts scoring off of a pick six(Munsoned) and a touchdown pass(last MEN standing). Munsoned responded by getting a highlight reel touchdown catch soon after. The receiver was back pedaling amid great coverage, tipped the ball, and as he was falling, made the miraculous catch to make the score 13-7. Later in the game, LMS handed the ball off to their speedster(He can probably run the 40 in 4 seconds flat) who turned the corner and attempted a dive into the endzone, but his flag landed on the 2 yard line. They scored 1 play after on a run up the middle to make the game even at 13-all. The second half is where the game became out of reach. Munsoned went for the touchdown on 4th down and got it. One of the weirdest successful throws I have seen all year was done by their QB who kind of flipped it high in the air, on the run, to his receiver to the right (20-13). LMS knew they had to play smart to make a comeback, but that was negated when Munsoned returned another interception for the score (26-13). To add insult to injury, Munsoned scored one last time towards the end of the game.

Final Score: 32-13 in favor of Munsoned

Play(s) of the game: Receiver for Munsoned makes circus catch for the score, and LMS’s speedster runs his way to the 2 yard line leading to an eventual score.

Pictures from game (click on them to see full size)