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Students Invited to Join Sport Clubs

Sport clubs are an integral part of Recreation and Wellness for BGSU students.  Freshmen are invited to a special Welcome Fair on Wednesday, August 24, where a representative from each sport club is on hand for students to learn more about what their respective club offers.  Other students can attend Campus Fest on September 1 and receive information on sport clubs.

There are currently twenty-three active sport club teams on campus including baseball, bowling, curling, cycling, dodgeball, equestrian, gymnastics, men’s ice hockey, men’s lacrosse, men’s rugby, women’s rugby, sailing, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, women’s softball, tennis, track and field, men’s ultimate Frisbee, men’s and women’s swimming, men’s volleyball, women’s volleyball, water polo and wrestling.

“More than 500 students are involved annually in sport clubs over the last couple years,” said Scott Sehmann, assistant director – intramurals/sport clubs. “Sport club teams are equally as large as the varsity teams.  They have all been thriving lately and we are pretty happy with the growth.”

A student participates in sport clubs for a variety of reasons.  Some students, who were very good high school athletes, want to continue playing their sport, but not at the varsity level.  They like the competitiveness and want to continue working out.  A sport club gives students an opportunity to compete against other universities in organized leagues with officials, in a structured program, with practice only two or three days a week.  Sport clubs’ athletic level is in between intramurals (more recreational and little practice) and varsity sports in athletic commitment.  Students who participate in a club sport benefit by gaining leadership and organizational skills. They have more structure to their lives, have an opportunity to travel and meet students from other universities. These athletes continue to stay fit, are in shape and have a competitive spirit.

There are many popular sport clubs. “Men’s rugby is one of the popular sport clubs which placed third in the nation this year,” said Sehmann.  “The equestrian team is three years old and growing with around fifty participants. Baseball has a good size as well.”

All sport clubs are student organizations and must be registered with the Office of Campus Activities.  Required forms must also be completed with the Department of Recreation and Wellness. To be eligible for membership, an undergraduate student must be enrolled in at least 10-credit hours or a graduate/non-traditional student must be enrolled in 6-credit hours.  Each club needs at least ten active members with a faculty or staff advisor.  Existing clubs may not be duplicated.   However, if a student would like to organize a new sport club, he/she must petition to become a student organization.  Based on the activity, competitiveness and safety level, a decision is made to be an acceptable new sport club.

Sehmann cautions all sport club teams regarding the importance of leadership within the club.  The leadership team comprising of the president, vice president, treasurer, safety coordinator and travel trip leader must continually bring in new and younger students into the program and train those individuals to carry on the program tradition.  The annual change in leadership roles is necessary for the success of the sport club organization.

For additional information see the Recreation and Wellness Resource Guide, visit, or contact Scott Sehmann at or 419-372-2464.

More Ice Arena Renovations Set to Begin

Skaters look forward to the ice arena reopening on July 18 to continue with the Learn to Skate program or just to cool off from hot summer days.  At the same time, skaters may witness an aesthetic transformation of key areas inside the ice arena. The bids for the renovations arrived June 1 and the projected starting date is July 1. The completion date of the entire project is anticipated to be mid-September.

To be completed during this phase is a new skate shop, skate rental, concession stand and office space. Quite noticeable for individuals who enter the updated ice arena is the creation of a new pedestrian traffic flow.  The public may find the space more inviting by easily being able to browse the skate shop and buy food or drink from the concession stand.  The ice arena staff want their facility to be more customer friendly and allow those who come into the building to feel more welcome.

The completed concession stand is to have a small kitchen area. The foods offered include hotdogs, pizza, nachos and pretzels, with soft drinks, water and PowerAde beverages.  “We are going to try some other food items and see what works and what doesn’t work,” said director of the ice arena Jamie Baringer. “Breakfast food items are planned as a healthier alternative and in competition with fast food restaurants.”  All foods at the concession stand are planned for quick service.

New space is being created for offices to be in close proximity to the main entrance and each staff member. This new office area is where the current skate shop is occupied. Additionally, the ticket window booth is expanding into an open office area. “The new office arrangement is conducive for a better working environment,” Baringer said.

The updated skate shop is to continue marketing clothing apparel such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and skate related items for purchase. For the skate rental area, 500 pairs of brand new Riddell skates have been ordered. The current skates at the skate rental have hundreds of miles on them and it is time for their retirement. “The old skates are being sent to inventory and disposed of as how they see best,” said staff assistant Laura Dunn. “They gave us their loving use, but are now so bad that they have become a liability.”

Old rental skates

Approximately one-third of the skates ordered are hockey skates. Some skaters feel they are more comfortable, easier to skate with or they just want to be on hockey blades.  Figure skates are exceedingly more popular at BGSU with around 335 pairs purchased.  Learn to Skate programming starting with youth size six skates through adult size skates is a determining factor.  However, there are two types of figure skates – the traditional skate and the recreational skate.  The skating industry is leaning toward the recreational skate for rentals. Recreational skates are a soft-side skate, so it fits more like a tennis shoe.  “If individuals are placed in recreational skates, they can ease into skating a little better,” said Baringer. “They may be hooked into life-long skaters if the skate feels comfortable.”

Skaters who come to the ice arena this summer are going to watch it transform into a user friendly facility. They get to observe firsthand the progress of the improvements.  The updates are creating a more enjoyable experience for all visitors of the ice arena.

Emerald Ash Borer Triggers Tree Campaign

A special tree restoration campaign is currently underway to replace trees killed by the emerald ash borer. These little, green hungry beetles found their way on to campus effectively girdling hundreds of trees and causing death. One of the hardest hit areas on campus is at the Forrest Creason Golf Course.

View of the tree destruction

Named the ReForest Forrest Creason Golf Course Campaign, this project is inspired by devoted members of the Forrest Creason Golf Course who witnessed the destruction of 167 trees between 2007 and 2009. Contributors can easily donate to this vital campaign. A gift of $250 provides an opportunity to select a specific tree from the Forrest Creason Golf Course Master Tree Plan and designate the gift in honor or in memory of a special person. Any gift amount by check, cash or pledge goes a long way toward purchasing a tree.

“All the money contributed through the ReForest Forrest Creason Golf Course Campaign is designated to the tree replacement initiative,” said Kurt Thomas, director of the Forrest Creason Golf Course. “Many people are interested in playing at Forrest Creason this year. After golfers play a round, I am hopeful they support the tree campaign.”

The Forrest Creason Golf Course has been a part of BGSU since its creation at the direction of Dr. Samuel Cooper, a former BGSU coach and professor of physical education. “Ken Schoeni, former supervisor of maintenance and grounds in athletics and co-architect of the golf course, was instrumental in transforming the farmland into a nine-hole golf course in 1964 and then completing the back nine in 1972,” said Thomas. “He was the driving force into getting it done.”

Minor changes have been made to the golf course since its inception. Sand traps have been added or taken out. There were tee box repairs and replacement of a few trees from inclement weather. “Soon to open at the 13th hole is a tee shot that is 100 percent over the water, instead of alongside it,” said Thomas. “Small cosmetic updates are made to the course to make it a little bit tougher.”

The vision of Forrest Creason Golf Course is to be the best public golf course in the area.  Maintaining the course is vital in keeping the grounds in excellent condition. “The staff is constantly trying to improve the golf course by making it better and a more enjoyable experience for everyone,” Thomas said.  Replacing the 167 trees may take up to five years, although Thomas hopes the tree planting process is a little quicker. Thomas consults with tree expert Kent Reichert on the types of species and varieties of trees that would not be harmed by the emerald ash borer. Last fall 32 trees were planted from limited operating money and plans are to continue replacing trees every fall until all the trees are replaced. The Campaign’s success is critical in making the tree replacement a reality.

The ReForest Forrest Creason Golf Course Campaign tri-leaders are Thomas, assistant director of marketing at Recreation and Wellness Lona Leck and assistant golf course director Lindy Powers. They are available to discuss the campaign and answer any questions. Please find gift forms and details about the campaign at or contact the Forrest Creason Golf Course at 419-372-2674. Supporting the Reforest Forrest Creason Golf Course Campaign with a tree purchase enhances the aesthetic appearance and provides a more challenging golf experience to the game.  Make a gift today!

2011 Summer Kids Camp – Activities Galore!

Summer vacation is almost here, but kids don’t throw those backpacks in the closet that carried books back and forth to school just yet.  On June 6, Summer Kids Camp begins and the backpacks transform into camper backpacks carrying swimsuits, sunscreen, water bottles and lunchboxes.  The eight-week Summer Kids Camp ends July 29.

The 2011 Summer Kids Camp continues its outstanding programming established from years of leadership experience and success. Kids Camp for kids, ages 5-12, emphasizes physical development and education while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Some children return to camp every year and make new friends.  They have new learning experiences while having a lot of fun.  These campers can participate in activities that are not available at home or at other camps. “We do lots and lots of fun activities with the children that they cannot get at a daycare,” said Micha Alt, who has directed Kids Camp since 2006.  “We rock climb, ice skate, go swimming every day and include wellness and fitness components.”  Other physical activities in which the campers partake include golf, volleyball, basketball, badminton and track and field.  Kids Camp has great resources at Recreation and Wellness facilities including the Perry Field House, BGSU Ice Arena and Forrest Creason Golf Course to participate in their activities. The campers also go on walking field trips to the Sebo Center or other places of interest on campus.

Asked about her favorite part of Kids Camp, Alt said, “There are so many wonderful aspects of Kids Camp I really can’t pick one.” However, one particular activity Alt does enjoy is the scavenger hunts that are especially popular with the children. “The excitement of the children is enjoyable to watch,” Alt said.  Every week Kids Camp has a witty theme in place: Falcon Frenzy, Into the Wild, Wacky Wonderland, Underwater Adventures, Mad Science, The Places We will Go, Around the World and BG’s Got Talent.

Children who attend Kids Camp are in good hands.  The camp is administered by Recreation and Wellness professionals and BGSU graduate and undergraduate students with special training in safety, human relations and interpersonal skills with children. The dedicated camp staff is First Aid and CPR certified for the Professional Rescuer with AED and passed the mandatory background screenings.

Full-time camp costs $119/week and part-time camp is $79/week, with 10 percent discount applied to BGSU employees or families with more than one child’s registration. Register at and click on Community, Youth & Family on the left menu, by E-mail at or in person at the Student Recreation Center front desk. For more information, contact Camp Director Micha Alt at 419-372-7482 or 419-372-2000. Sign up the kids today for a fun summer camp at BGSU!