Students Invited to Join Sport Clubs

Sport clubs are an integral part of Recreation and Wellness for BGSU students.  Freshmen are invited to a special Welcome Fair on Wednesday, August 24, where a representative from each sport club is on hand for students to learn more about what their respective club offers.  Other students can attend Campus Fest on September 1 and receive information on sport clubs.

There are currently twenty-three active sport club teams on campus including baseball, bowling, curling, cycling, dodgeball, equestrian, gymnastics, men’s ice hockey, men’s lacrosse, men’s rugby, women’s rugby, sailing, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, women’s softball, tennis, track and field, men’s ultimate Frisbee, men’s and women’s swimming, men’s volleyball, women’s volleyball, water polo and wrestling.

“More than 500 students are involved annually in sport clubs over the last couple years,” said Scott Sehmann, assistant director – intramurals/sport clubs. “Sport club teams are equally as large as the varsity teams.  They have all been thriving lately and we are pretty happy with the growth.”

A student participates in sport clubs for a variety of reasons.  Some students, who were very good high school athletes, want to continue playing their sport, but not at the varsity level.  They like the competitiveness and want to continue working out.  A sport club gives students an opportunity to compete against other universities in organized leagues with officials, in a structured program, with practice only two or three days a week.  Sport clubs’ athletic level is in between intramurals (more recreational and little practice) and varsity sports in athletic commitment.  Students who participate in a club sport benefit by gaining leadership and organizational skills. They have more structure to their lives, have an opportunity to travel and meet students from other universities. These athletes continue to stay fit, are in shape and have a competitive spirit.

There are many popular sport clubs. “Men’s rugby is one of the popular sport clubs which placed third in the nation this year,” said Sehmann.  “The equestrian team is three years old and growing with around fifty participants. Baseball has a good size as well.”

All sport clubs are student organizations and must be registered with the Office of Campus Activities.  Required forms must also be completed with the Department of Recreation and Wellness. To be eligible for membership, an undergraduate student must be enrolled in at least 10-credit hours or a graduate/non-traditional student must be enrolled in 6-credit hours.  Each club needs at least ten active members with a faculty or staff advisor.  Existing clubs may not be duplicated.   However, if a student would like to organize a new sport club, he/she must petition to become a student organization.  Based on the activity, competitiveness and safety level, a decision is made to be an acceptable new sport club.

Sehmann cautions all sport club teams regarding the importance of leadership within the club.  The leadership team comprising of the president, vice president, treasurer, safety coordinator and travel trip leader must continually bring in new and younger students into the program and train those individuals to carry on the program tradition.  The annual change in leadership roles is necessary for the success of the sport club organization.

For additional information see the Recreation and Wellness Resource Guide, visit, or contact Scott Sehmann at or 419-372-2464.