Friends of Satan @ Phi Delta & Kappa Delta 1: Thursday, November 13th

Both Friends of Satan and Team Phi Delta and Kappa Delta were looking to collect a victory in this one.  The game got out to a quick start with the home team gaining 3 runs in the top-half of the inning, and Friends of Satan answering with 2 of their own.  FOS’s pitcher got some momentum for his team by preventing Team PD/KD from scoring in the 2nd, and this led to his team scoring 6 runs (maximum) in the bottom of the inning to take an 8-3 lead.  Team PD/KD was showing some fight as they scored 3 runs themselves in the top-half of the 3rd to bring it within a deficit of 2 (8-6).  The story of the game was responding to adversity on the part of Friends of Satan.  They scored 4 runs shortly after the 3 run performance of Team PD/KD and added 4 more in the next two innings.  The game was called in after the top of the sixth inning due to the 6 run rule implemented by league officials.  When it was all said and done, Friends of Satan capitalized with a victory.

Final Score: 16-8 in favor of FOS

Play(s) of the Game:

–FOS outfielder makes an over-the-head catch to end the inning

–FOS 2nd baseman charges for a chopper in front of the mound and gets tangled up with the umpire and         both fall to the ground (Noone was hurt).