Shenanigans (Blue) vs. Mean-Valued Old Men (Red): Wednesday, December 3rd

As the Water Polo Championships were nearing, both Shenanigans and Mean-Valued Old Men were looking to continue their journey of winning the championship.  The two were meeting for the semifinals, but based on the performance that each team delivered it could have been the championship.  The match started out with both teams at each end awaiting the ref’s placement of the ball in the middle.  Once the ball hit the water, both teams scrambled for possession.  This proved to be the theme for the entire match and this was due to the goalies and defenders in front of them getting the job done.  While the defenses played good for the majority of the game, there was a period in the first half where there were about 12 goals in 10 minutes.  For the other 30 minutes, only 4 goals were scored.  Going into the half, both offensive attacks had to be happy with the results that were on the scoreboard (7-7).  The second half was not as forgiving to the offenses as there were only 2 more goals scored (both by MVOM).  Could this be because of conservative play?  Well, this proved to be too much for Shenanigans and MVOM advanced to the finals for Thursday night’s championship game.

Final Score: Mean-Valued Old Men–9    Shenanigans–7

Play of the game: Shenanigans makes a behind-the-back goal in the first period to take a 1-point    lead