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November Intramural Registration

November Registration

Looking to compete in friendly, competitive sports? Intramural sports registration is open for enrollment. Individual, dual, and team activities are available. Men’s (M), women’s (W), and co-rec (C) teams are fielded through sorority, fraternity, and independent leagues. Entries accepted for the following sports:

November 5 – November 11:
Badminton (M,W,C)
3-Player Basketball (M,W)

November 12 – November 18:
Whiffleball (C)

If you would like to register for Intramural Sports, visit the website for registration information and instructions on how to register. Payment can be made online via RecTrac or in person at the Perry Field House or Student Recreation Center Welcome Desk.

November Intramurals

As the seasons change so do the intramural sports at BGSU.  Say goodbye to intramural football and frisbee, say hello to innertube waterpolo, raquetball, team handball, and wiffleball.  These are the new sports that will be played during the month of november.  Finding a sport that is right for each student is easy because these sports each target different types of people.

If students are looking for a fun, team sport, then handball, whiffleball, or waterpolo is the right choice.  If students are in search of a solo sport, then raquetball is the right choice.  Raquetball is like a strategic chess match against the opponent.  Unlike team sports, each person can only count on themself to make the right shot or do the right thing.  Raquetball is a lot of fun and students should join a league this season.

Whether students want to join a team sport or an individual sport this upcoming season, there are many options to consider.  If there are questions regarding anything intramural visit our online page by clicking HERE!

Friends of Satan @ Phi Delta & Kappa Delta 1: Thursday, November 13th

Both Friends of Satan and Team Phi Delta and Kappa Delta were looking to collect a victory in this one.  The game got out to a quick start with the home team gaining 3 runs in the top-half of the inning, and Friends of Satan answering with 2 of their own.  FOS’s pitcher got some momentum for his team by preventing Team PD/KD from scoring in the 2nd, and this led to his team scoring 6 runs (maximum) in the bottom of the inning to take an 8-3 lead.  Team PD/KD was showing some fight as they scored 3 runs themselves in the top-half of the 3rd to bring it within a deficit of 2 (8-6).  The story of the game was responding to adversity on the part of Friends of Satan.  They scored 4 runs shortly after the 3 run performance of Team PD/KD and added 4 more in the next two innings.  The game was called in after the top of the sixth inning due to the 6 run rule implemented by league officials.  When it was all said and done, Friends of Satan capitalized with a victory.

Final Score: 16-8 in favor of FOS

Play(s) of the Game:

–FOS outfielder makes an over-the-head catch to end the inning

–FOS 2nd baseman charges for a chopper in front of the mound and gets tangled up with the umpire and         both fall to the ground (Noone was hurt).