We’ve been so busy doing science, we forgot to update our lab web page! But we have been posting over on our Facebook page.

Here are some recent updates…

First, we received funding from the Lake Erie Protection Fund to support the MS work of Rachel Paull, investigating how agricultural ditch restoration influences nutrient cycling via plants and animals! She started sampling last week. We are also collaborating with the Hood Lab at Ohio State and are lucky to have some great undergraduate research assistants helping with the work!

Second, we received an internal grant supporting research by MS student Missy Seidel, on climatic effects on pollinator food webs. And then, a short time later, she received a Sigma Xi research grant as well! She is rapidly preparing for an ambitious field experiment! And we also have an undergraduate CURS student doing related work!

Third, PhD student Melanie McLaughlin Marshall and PI Kevin McCluney presented two talks each at the Society for Freshwater Science annual meeting. MS student John Woloschuk also presented a poster at the meeting. All were well received.

Fourth, MS student John Woloschuk is gearing up for his work investigating how predators consuming emergent insects along agricultural ditches may influence crop pests.

Last but not least, PhD students Justin Burdine and Melanie Marshall have been rapidly writing papers with some exciting results!

Stay tuned!

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