Lab Resources

Our lab space is divided into 2 adjacent areas, with office space for 5-6 students, separate areas for noisy or hot equipment and quiet sample processing, and an informal area with couches for planning and lab meetings.








We are accumulating equipment that should be a great help in facilitating research activities. Some of the major items are listed below:

1. 4WD Lab Truck [For field work]








2. Las Gatos Triple Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer (and vapor injection port) [numerous applications, including tracing water sources used by plants and animals and measuring animal metabolic and water loss rates]



3. A low-vibration Memmert environmental chamber with temperature, humidity, and lighting controls [For lab experiments on vibration sensitive species]









4. Dissecting scopes [For identifying arthropods]









5. Mettler-Toledo analytical balance capable of measuring to the nearest microgram [numerous applications, including determining the hydration of small insects and preparation for isotope analysis]

6. Cryogenic extraction line for water isotope analysis [extracting water from biological and soil samples]

Additional lab and field equipment (e.g. YSI Sonde, soil moisture sensors, iButtons, etc).

There are also resources available for use outside of our lab:
1. The Ecology Research Station (
2. Greenhouse (
3.  Other facilities and resources (