Student Resources

Note: ideas expressed in these links do not necessarily reflect the views of Kevin McCluney or his lab, or BGSU. In fact, Dr. McCluney disagrees with some of what is said in some of these links, but has found them to be generally informative and helpful. Note that this page is out of date, but we are keeping these up for now.

Scientific communication

Books on presentation design: 

My summary of how to design and deliver presentations:

Good presentations tell a story:

Why a good poster is mostly images, with little text:

Bad poster bingo:

Creativity in science

Fisher 1997 on creativity and idea generation in stream ecology:

Why you need to take breaks and naps to be creative and productive:

Teaching Philosophy and Resources

Prince, M. 2004. Does active learning work? A review of the research. Journal of Engineering Education 93:223-231

Lawson, A. E., S. W. Rissing, and S. H. Faeth. 1990. An inquiry approach to nonmajors biology. Journal of College Science Teaching 19: 340-346.

The easy way to teach using active learning

Maintaining mental health

Problems faced by grad students:

Imposter syndrome:

Rampant exaggeration about how much academics work:

Cognitive distortions: 

Getting a job

How to get a job in conservation:

Why a liberal arts education could help you get/create a job in the economy of the future:

Ecolog list serv:

A list of resources around the web:

The harsh reality of the present academic tenure-track job market:

Common career paths outside academia: 

Mentoring, management, and collaborative relationships

Mentor-mentee agreement from Arizona State University, School of Life Sciences

Work-life balance

Ideas for making academia sustainable and workable:

Rampant exaggeration about how much academics work:

Diversity and bias

Why/how diversity makes us “smarter,” more creative, and more productive:

Gender bias:

Subtle biases related to expectations: