Ecobreak is an informal weekly seminar for faculty and students in ecology and conservation at BGSU. It is held every Tuesday from 11:30 am to ~12:20 pm. For the Fall of 2020 it will be held remotely via Zoom. Please see the weekly email for the log in information. If you are presenting, please plan to end your presentation no later than 12:15 pm, to leave time for questions.

If you want to sign-up to present, contact Dr. Kevin McCluney. All students enrolled in the course must present at least once for ~15-45 min.

Note: Dates can often be divided among two presenters. Additionally, sometimes dates can be switched, so if the date you want is taken, email Dr. McCluney and we may be able to work something out.


9/1/20Kevin McCluneyWelcome and breakouts (what got you interested in science?)
9/8/20Kevin McCluney & Emily BeersWhat makes a good presentation? And how to give good feedback.
9/15/20Ecology Faculty Group Meeting 
9/22/20Sara Rair 
9/29/20Seth Buchholz 
10/6/20Katie Ware“Avian Breeding Success in Oak Openings”
10/13/20Ecology Faculty Group Meeting 
10/20/20Dale ShankThesis Research
10/27/20Jonathan Brokaw 
11/3/20Gillian Ross  
11/10/20Mazie Davis 
11/17/20Ecology Faculty Group Meeting 
11/24/20Jay DeMarco  
12/1/201. Jacob Buchanan
2. Cori Byrge