Ecobreak is an informal weekly seminar for faculty and students in ecology and conservation at BGSU. It is held every Tuesday from 11:30 am to ~12:20 pm in Life Sciences 334. If you are presenting, please organize the snacks for that week. Additionally, plan to end your presentation no later than 12:15 pm, to leave time for questions.

If you want to sign-up to present, contact Dr. Kevin McCluney. All students enrolled in the course must present at least once for ~15-45 min.


Date Name Title
8/27/2019 Hans Wildschutte Welcome
9/3/2019 Kevin McCluney Presentation Design Basics
9/10/2019 Hans Wildschutte

[note: can be moved if a student wants this date]

Drugs not bugs: a strategy to identify novel antibiotics effective against multi-drug resistant pathogens
9/17/2019 Multiple

[note: can be moved if a student wants to do a presentation this date]

Poster Session! (students will display and discuss recent posters)
9/24/2019 1. Lexi Lake

2. Kaylee Wilburn

1. Using phage to induce antibiotic susceptibility in drug resistant pathogens

2. Isolation of broad-host range phage that infect multi-drug resistant pathogens

10/1/2019 John Woloschuk MS Defense
10/15/2019 1. Carren Burkey

2. Daniel Peck

1. Synthesis of fatty acids and their analysis using HPLC

2. The effects of nitrogen on the distribution and dominance of toxic cyanobacterial blooms

10/22/2019 Kelly Russo Monitoring bats in the Oak Openings using acoustic monitoring
10/29/2019 Faculty Group Meetings
11/26/2019 Patrick Casto Investigation of chemical cues for long distance navigation in the whip spider Phrynus marginemaculatus