Ecobreak is an informal weekly seminar for faculty and students in ecology and conservation at BGSU. It is held every Tuesday from 11:30 am to ~12:20 pm in Life Sciences 332. If you are presenting, please organize the snacks for that week. Additionally, plan to end your presentation no later than 12:15 pm, to leave time for questions.

If you want to sign-up to present, contact Dr. Kevin McCluney. All students enrolled in the course must present at least once for ~15-45 min.


Date Name Title
8/28/2018 Kevin McCluney Welcome/Introductions
9/4/2018 Louise Stevenson Connecting suborganismal and organismal responses using Dynamic Energy Budget Modeling and the Atlantic killifish
9/11/2018 Ecology Faculty (and Ray Larsen) Ecology Faculty Meeting
9/25/2018 Amanda Martin Research Results: Exploring Reptilian Spatial Ecology
10/2/2018 Kelsey Stoneberg Research Results: Amplification of Sockeye Salmon COI Gene From Pit Tag Trocars as a Potential New Field Analysis Technique
10/9/2018  Ecology Faculty Ecology Faculty Meeting
10/23/2018 Josie Lindsey-Robbins Research Results: Antiparasitic behaviors of Red-winged Blackbirds in response to simulated Brown-headed Cowbirds : further tests of the frontloaded parasite-defense hypothesis
10/30/2018 Margaret Duffy Research Experience: Nematology Lab Work
11/13/2018 Ecology Faculty  Ecology Faculty Meeting
11/27/2018 Shannon Pelini & Angelica Vazquez-Ortega Exploring the ability and implication of agricultural use of dredged material
12/4/2018 Josie Lindsey-Robbins Research Results: Preliminary findings of using detritivore abundance to manage P and N leaching in agricultural soil and prevent eutrophication in Lake Erie
12/11/2018 NA