“The Journal” interviews Dr. McCluney about Lake Erie water quality research

“The Journal,” a talk show on WBGU-TV, the local PBS station, recently interviewed Dr. McCluney (along with collaborator Dr. Bob Midden) about the lab’s research on phosphorous sources and sinks in the watersheds leading to Lake Erie. Here’s a link to the interview: http://video.wbgu.org/video/2365840558/

Of course, there are many people that are contributing to research discussed by Dr. McCluney and Dr. Midden, including collaborators Laura Johnson at Heidelberg University, Mark Williams and Kevin King at the USDA, and PhD student Melanie Marshall and MS student Gabby Metzner, within the McCluney lab. Many other scientists within and outside of OH are also contributing important information about the causes of Lake Erie’s algal blooms.

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