New grant for studying age of phosphorus running off fields

In the spring of 2016 we received additional funding from the Ohio Department of Higher Education to expand our ongoing research on Phosphorus sources to Lake Erie (note, P loading has been implicated in the recent toxic algal blooms). With this new research we will examine the age of the P running off agricultural fields in addition to expanding our efforts to trace sources of P to Lake Erie. Both of these projects employ stable isotopes of phosphate. These subprojects are part of a larger effort at understanding P sources to Lake Erie led by Laura Johnson at Heidelberg University and in collaboration with Bob Midden (BGSU), Paula Mouser (OSU), Jay Martin (OSU), and Rem Confesor (Heidelberg). Graduate students Melanie Marshall and Gabby Metzner are working on this project and are also connecting in their own research by examining effects of stream/ditch restoration efforts and trace chemicals on fluxes of P through linked aquatic-terrestrial food webs.

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