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  1. Yiheng

    Great presentation Isaac!
    Here are my questions for you with respect to your presentation:
    1.On slide 3 you showed a revised graph, how would you apply “the same display format” for a wider range of numerical values in terms of the color encoding?
    2.On slide 7 when you mentioned “Innovation should be controlled”, how would you define “too much” in the case of the “incomprehensive graph”. What specifically do you think are good or bad for that graph? And how would you improve that graph following those steps?
    3.On slide 12 you said that “using a histogram or a dotplot may not as much information”, from which perspective you think the graph presented on slide 10 provides extra information? And how is this related to this particular data?

  2. Rachana Maharjan

    Hi Isaac,
    Nice presentation on Reading Articles!
    Here are my three questions for you;

    1. In slide 6, you mentioned that “too many extra grid lines add little but visual noise.” Could you elaborate this why and how?
    2. In slide 7, as you have mentioned that using same display throughout the report seems good but may not communicate some subtle details, my question is what alternate graphs would be appropriate in this case and why?
    3. In slide 12, like you mentioned using histogram or dot plot assuming either is appropriate may not have given much information, so I would like to ask can we use multi-way dot plot here? If which variable would be better to choose to group by and why?

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