PR alumna traded work life for family life

Stacy Murphy, ’99

Stacy Murphy, ’99

By Anika Cunningham
Reporting Student

Public Relations alumna Stacy Fowler Murphy traded in her long hours and phone calls to CEO’s for a life as a planner of play dates and full-time mom for her two daughters, ages 12 and 9.

“I am very fortunate that I can stay and care for my children,” the 1999 graduate said. “It is a blessing.”

Murphy, a native of Huron, Ohio, began her journey at BGSU as an education major, but quickly realized that was not for her.

“I decided to major in PR because I always wanted to do something creative,” Murphy said. “I always wanted to worked with different types of businesses whether it was a nonprofit or a for profit business.”

Switching to journalism, Murphy became heavily involved in student publications, writing for the BG News and reporting for the radio station. She also joined the Public Relations Student Society of America.

“Stacy was always very hard working and dedicated to a career in PR,” said Terry Rentner, head of the PR sequence. “Over the years Stacy has always stood out as an excellent go- getter. I always knew that Stacy could make it in the PR world.”

Murphy’s first job after graduation was at Lourdes College as Director of Alumni Affairs and Public Relations.

Two years later, she took a job at the Toledo Botanical Garden as Director of Public Relations and Events. “I was an event planner and I worked very long hours,” Murphy said.

Wanting a typical 8-5 job and looking for better opportunities, Murphy retuned to BGSU in 2003 to work on a master’s degree in communication studies.

A year later and master’s degree in hand, Murphy took a position as an Alumni Program Officer at Cleveland State University.

“I do not regret getting my master’s degree because I loved working at Cleveland State University,” Murphy said. “The only regret that I do have is not expanding my education and getting my doctorate degree. My mentor Terry Rentner always encouraged me to go back and get my doctorates degree but I never thought it was important.”

While working at Cleveland State University, Murphy gave birth to her first daughter and decided to stop working and take care of her family.

“My job did not offer day care services so becoming a full-time mom was the only option that I had,” she said. “I knew that my husband and I would be fine financially since he was in law school.”

Murphy still uses her degree but in a much different way. Both of Murphy’s daughters are on a local soccer team so Murphy is a photographer for the team and handles the teams’ social media account.

Recently Murphy said she and her husband had a conversation about her going back to work since their daughters are getting old enough to care for themselves.

“I would love to go back to work,” she said. “If I do go back to work, I want to work part time so I can always be available for my girls.”

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