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I forgot to tell you about my new involvement in UAO. While I loved being part of the Fine Arts programming team I felt that I would be suited better for another programming team, Homegrown.

I loved dealing with performers and arts and crafts but I felt that my creativity was limited there. One of the great things about being in an organization is finding out what you are good at and letting others see that. If I stayed in Fine Arts know that I would have never found out what my best was or what it could be.

So now I am director of Homegrown programming team which relies heavily on creativity. This programming team is responsible for creating events that basically use the resources we have here on campus. Past events include Dive in Movie, where they showed a movie while students swam in the recreations pool, Sibs-n-Kids petting zoo and a real life CandyLand.

I have so many ideas for next year, it is going to be crazy.

My responsibilities do not change much. I still have to complete 5 office hours a week, plan at least 4 events a semester, have a 1:1 with the graduate advisor, attend the general assembly which meets every first monday of the month, attend programming team meetings and leadership meetings once a week. It sounds like a lot of work and extra time but if you really like doing something then giving however much time seems more like fun than an actual job.

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I am not an expert nor have I even graduated college yet but I do know a lot about one thing and that’s college. I know the do’s and don’ts and what makes the time here more enjoyable. My blog is about an organization here on Bowling Green State Universities campus called University Activities Organization. I love being involved with this organization and after reading this, I bet you will too.


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