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What UAO Has in Store For 2011-2012…


                      While you may not be able to physically see what UAO is planning for next year know that there are dozens of activities already in the works for next semester. “Each programming team has to have planned 4 events for the following semester before school lets out. This gives us an idea of the type of events were are having and a rough outline of when things are happening”, says programming team member Shana Tamara.

                   As an added bonus programming teams now have to also implement late night events into their schedule. A late night event is composed of a program/event that ends after 12am on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This new rule in programming adds so many possibilties to each programming team. This also allows for UAO to program for a diffrent crowd. Late night prgramming is an alternative for students who do not like to go to parties or the bar or have nothing else to do on the weekends to have fun.

                          The Homegrown programming team has already planned their late night event for next semester. “It is a big surprise. Just know that it’s going to be fun!”, Assisstant Director of Homegrown programming team said. “Being able to plan activites at night aloows us to put on a variet of actvivites, things that we couldn’t do before. Im am excited to see what each programming team has in store for the upcoming year.”, she also said.

At last years Campus Fest, UAO's mascot posing with a student.

                     Other than plannning late night events, majority of UAO’s time is dedicated to programming for the beginning of the year. The first few weeks of school are important times to program for the campus. “Freshmen are new to campus and are in need of things to do. Events like Welcome Week and Campus Fest are places where we can put on programs and recruit freshman to our organization”, says Assistant Director of Community Outreach Tonnise Green.

Campus Fest also serves as a foundation for the rest of the semester. It shows the campus what UAO has in store for the rest of the year and how people can get involved. Being able to provide effectively is where Summer UAO comes in. While other organizations are on a vacation UAO is working hard over the summer.

One of the biggest events that UAO puts on each year is the Homecoming Concert. “Each year the students look forward to see who is performing for the concert”, DonYae James, a student a BG said. “I hope they get someone big like Jay Z or Nicki Minaj”.

While the Homecoming Concert is a secret to all (literally) maybe we can see a huge artist like…….


You never know. Just stay tuned for next years event.



Here is the UAO President talking about some of her favorite things abut UAO and what UAO really means to her. You also get to see some of the cool events that we get to put on for the campus. Enjoy

Summer UAO


If you thought that UAO was an organization that was done at the end of the semester and just went home on vacation for summer then — YOUR WRONG! While other organizations are home for summer not thinking of the next semester, UAO is already planning events for both fall and spring semester.

To be a member of the leadership team in UAO, one must be a part of Summer UAO. Because Welcome Week and Campus Fest is a hectic time for UAO, planning over the summer is a must.

The team has bi-weekly updates that must be submitted. Each update has to tell what each team has been working on for the upcoming school year. Materials and publicity must also be created and bought during this time period. Weekly online meetings are also a part of our responsibilities. This is where we can vote on last minute changes to proposals.

A big part of Summer UAO is our annual UAO retreat. This usually happens one day over the summer where we all come back to BG and go over our organizations mission and establish goals for the upcoming year. It is a full day of team building activities and program updates.

Here we also get acquainted with leaders of other organizations and prominent figures among our campus. We even help with freshman move in. Volunteering is an easy way to promote our organization and recruit freshmen to join.

UAO never really stops. There is always something to do.

What Do You Think of UAO?


Here is a short interview that I did with Allison Hauk, assistant director of Homegrown programming team. Here she talks about what she likes and dislikes about UAO.



NIck and Tiffany dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 four our Sibs-N-Suess brunch.

Finally the weekend we had been waiting for…Sibs-N-Kids. Sibs-N-Kids is an annual program that lets the students siblings come and have fun for the weekedn. It starts on Friday and ends Sunday morning with brunch.
There are many diffrent activities that are put on like:

  • The Petting Zoo
  • Kite Brite
  • Egg Hunt
  • The Carnival
  • Sibs-N-Seuss Brunc
  • And many more events

While many of the events are geared towards younger kids. Siblings of all ages are encouraged to come out and be a part of this event.

Although UAO did not host all of the events during this weekend, the program overall was put on by UAO. Each year a member of UAO is elected to be the program coordinator and this year it was Bri Cowart. She was in charge of the marketing, registration of thr children, volunteers..basically the whole sha-bang.

After the weekend was all said and done over 700 children had registered for the weekend and nothing but great comments were given to Bri and UAO.

My New Position


I forgot to tell you about my new involvement in UAO. While I loved being part of the Fine Arts programming team I felt that I would be suited better for another programming team, Homegrown.

I loved dealing with performers and arts and crafts but I felt that my creativity was limited there. One of the great things about being in an organization is finding out what you are good at and letting others see that. If I stayed in Fine Arts know that I would have never found out what my best was or what it could be.

So now I am director of Homegrown programming team which relies heavily on creativity. This programming team is responsible for creating events that basically use the resources we have here on campus. Past events include Dive in Movie, where they showed a movie while students swam in the recreations pool, Sibs-n-Kids petting zoo and a real life CandyLand.

I have so many ideas for next year, it is going to be crazy.

My responsibilities do not change much. I still have to complete 5 office hours a week, plan at least 4 events a semester, have a 1:1 with the graduate advisor, attend the general assembly which meets every first monday of the month, attend programming team meetings and leadership meetings once a week. It sounds like a lot of work and extra time but if you really like doing something then giving however much time seems more like fun than an actual job.

Events, Events, Events


View Places on Campus That We Have Events in a larger map

Bowling Green is quite a large campus, so we have infinite possibilities of where we decide to have certain events. From dorms to the union; we try to cover the entire campus.

It’s That Time of the Year


The school year is coming to a close. The weather is getting warmer and senior-itis is kicking in. While some students and organizations may be slowing down in its activity on campus. UAO is still busy. With our first annual comedy show “LOL with UAO” starring Ross Matthews coming up and the popular Sibs-n-Kids weekend fast approaching, members of UAO have no time to slow down.

In the midst of all of this we recently had our end of the year banquet. Here the members transition into their new positions, receive certificates and just get a chance to hang out with the entire organization for a couple of hours. This is the time where we get to reward each others achievements, comment on our strengths and weaknesses and how we will get better for the following year.

After a long year of events and activities, a time to reflect is well deserved.

All of our hard work was recognized at the banquet. It is a time to reflect and look back on what an amazing year we had. It is a bittersweet feeling for the seniors who were graduating this semester and would not be returning while undergrads were anxious to start their own journey through the organization.

Overall this year has been amazing. We have had dozens of successful events and “firsts”. From the Kid Cudi Concert to “LOL with UAO” to smaller scale events we had like Candy Land and Toms Shoes. If we carry this momentum to next semester, I know that things can only get better.

Why Join UAO? My 2 Biggest Reasons



College is not all work and no play. This is where University Activities Organization comes in.
UAO is the premier planning group on campus dedicated to providing student-focused, social, educational and cultural programs for the BGSU community. Through diverse, quality and entertaining events, UAO strives to instill pride and lasting memories in the hearts of all BGSU students.” This group has put on numerous successful events the campus has enjoyed:

Kid Cudi Concert
• Toms Shoes Event
• Candy Land
• Survivor
• LOL with UAO
• Grocery Bingo
• DM Rave
• And many other events!

“UAO is an easy way to get involved on campus. You have a say on what happens on campus and majority of events planned on campus”, says Kiara Kenerly, a member of the fine arts programming team.

Initially when joining, you automatically become a programming team member. A part of your responsibilities is to create a proposal for the semester. This is your chance to plan an event that you have always wanted to see on campus.

Being a part of this organization is a great resume booster for students with majors such as marketing, finance, public relations. There are multiple positions that allow you to strengthen your communication and writing skills.

“The marketing that we do helps me understand some of the lessons from class. I also get a lot of experience from the sessions we have in UAO and other marketing majors”, says director of Special Events, Alexis McCain.

You also get to work with various other organizations and important people on campus which brings me to my second reason.

A snippet of our homecoming concert.


UAO allows you to network with people you may have never come in contact with. UAO members work closely with the Dean of Students, graduate advisors and countless other organizations on campus.During Sibs N kids, UAO works with dozens of Greek and volunteer based organizations to collaborate on events that cater to children.

The Dean of Students works closely with UAO members to make sure that their events are successful and cater to the university and community. The Dean also makes sure that members are  in accordance with guidelines and regulations.

Many relationships formed within this organization can led to other opportunities also. Many UAO members have received scholarships limited to students in leadership positions. Jobs and other groups are also made available to students within UAO.

Being able to be a suite host for Bowling Greens’ football games and a part of the Homecoming Committee are two groups that are recommended for UAO members.

A huge benefit for getting to network with so many people is creating references. Having a dean, president of school, or advisor looks great on a resume for job or activity.

These are just two of the reasons why a student should get involved in UAO and if not UAO then just join an organization.


NACA: National Association of Campus Activities


I recently got to go to St. Louis for a conference with UAO and to say the least it was AMAZING! First off I got to miss 5 days of school (excused) plus free meals, 3 times a day. What college student doesn’t like like free food and missing school?

Although I did have fun, the trip was purely business. The purpose of NACA was to book acts/performers for school events for next school year. Artists ranged from comedians like Nick Canon, rappers like the Nappy Roots and singers like the Hanson’s. There were also magicians, ventriloquists, dancers, beat-boxers and hypnotists that performed.

Each day we had to attend up to three showcases filled with all different types of acts and at the end of each day we decided what acts would be a fit for our campus. We actually got the comedians for our comedy show “LOL with UAO” at NACA. Ross Matthews from Chelsea Lately is headlining the showcase.

Along with each showcase we also had to go to the showroom where hundreds of vendors and organizations gathered to persuade each school to book their act or show. Imagine your local gym or recreation area filled with booths that did tattoos, spray painting, smoothies, video games, t-shirts, inflatables, race cars, oxygen bars, etc. Whatever you could think of, it was all in front of you.

So far this probably sounds like all fun (which it was) but we also had to sit in on educational sessions. These taught us how to make more successful programs. This means how can we advertise differently, be more creative and get the campus more involved. Altogether NACA was a wonderful experience. I learned so much and I suggest anyone that wants to be more involved in an organization to attend conferences or lectures that their organization offers. You get to learn more while showing the current leaders that you are interested and motivated to move up in the organization.

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