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Why Join UAO? My 2 Biggest Reasons



College is not all work and no play. This is where University Activities Organization comes in.
UAO is the premier planning group on campus dedicated to providing student-focused, social, educational and cultural programs for the BGSU community. Through diverse, quality and entertaining events, UAO strives to instill pride and lasting memories in the hearts of all BGSU students.” This group has put on numerous successful events the campus has enjoyed:

Kid Cudi Concert
• Toms Shoes Event
• Candy Land
• Survivor
• LOL with UAO
• Grocery Bingo
• DM Rave
• And many other events!

“UAO is an easy way to get involved on campus. You have a say on what happens on campus and majority of events planned on campus”, says Kiara Kenerly, a member of the fine arts programming team.

Initially when joining, you automatically become a programming team member. A part of your responsibilities is to create a proposal for the semester. This is your chance to plan an event that you have always wanted to see on campus.

Being a part of this organization is a great resume booster for students with majors such as marketing, finance, public relations. There are multiple positions that allow you to strengthen your communication and writing skills.

“The marketing that we do helps me understand some of the lessons from class. I also get a lot of experience from the sessions we have in UAO and other marketing majors”, says director of Special Events, Alexis McCain.

You also get to work with various other organizations and important people on campus which brings me to my second reason.

A snippet of our homecoming concert.


UAO allows you to network with people you may have never come in contact with. UAO members work closely with the Dean of Students, graduate advisors and countless other organizations on campus.During Sibs N kids, UAO works with dozens of Greek and volunteer based organizations to collaborate on events that cater to children.

The Dean of Students works closely with UAO members to make sure that their events are successful and cater to the university and community. The Dean also makes sure that members are  in accordance with guidelines and regulations.

Many relationships formed within this organization can led to other opportunities also. Many UAO members have received scholarships limited to students in leadership positions. Jobs and other groups are also made available to students within UAO.

Being able to be a suite host for Bowling Greens’ football games and a part of the Homecoming Committee are two groups that are recommended for UAO members.

A huge benefit for getting to network with so many people is creating references. Having a dean, president of school, or advisor looks great on a resume for job or activity.

These are just two of the reasons why a student should get involved in UAO and if not UAO then just join an organization.


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I am not an expert nor have I even graduated college yet but I do know a lot about one thing and that’s college. I know the do’s and don’ts and what makes the time here more enjoyable. My blog is about an organization here on Bowling Green State Universities campus called University Activities Organization. I love being involved with this organization and after reading this, I bet you will too.


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