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Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads:
Posted on May 6th, 2011 at 11:22 am by and

Generally speaking, not all makeup colors would suit someone. There are some makeup colors that can enhance one’s beauty more by complimenting their hair color. Last weekend I was on a “mission” to figure out what makeup colors would suit blondes, brunettes and redheads, and I finally learned them.

Theresa McClintock has been working as a makeup artist for ten years and had received her cosmetology license from the Regency Beauty Institute in Flint, Michigan. McClintock thinks that makeup colors such as light purples, light pinks and champagne colors would suit blondes.

McClintock’s Makeup Look for Blondes:

¤ Apply a light shimmery purple color all over the lid, then take a true purple color and swipe it across your crease blending upwards.
¤ Then take a plum color and create a V-shape on your outer corners blending it slightly with your crease color.
¤ Next, take your true purple color and apply on your bottom lash line.
¤ Finally, take a champagne color and apply it on to your inner corners.

“Blondes should definitely stay away from grays, blacks, and true greens, because those colors would look way too harsh,” McClintock said.

Dan Meyer is a professional makeup artist and has worked in various salons in Michigan and Ohio. Meyer thinks that Brunettes should definitely focus on golds, browns and bronzy colors.

Meyer’s Makeup Look for Brunettes:

¤ Apply a flesh tone color all over your lid and brow bone.
¤ Then take a gold pigment and apply it to the first half of your lid area.
¤ Next, take a bronze eye shadow and place it on the second half of your lid.
¤ Blend the gold and bronze together to eliminate any harsh lines.
¤ Take a medium brown color and apply it all over your crease, to define your eyes.
¤ Finally try to blend the bronze and brown together and apply the brown color on your lower lash line.

“People think that brunettes can work any color, but that is so not true, they should never buy any coppery, pinks or blue colors,” Meyer said.

Sherry Leighton has been a makeup artist for 20 years and has always been interested in makeup since her teen years. Leighton believes that redheads should buy copper, gold, bronze and peach eye shadow colors.

Leighton’s Makeup Look for Redheads:

¤ Apply a peach color all over your eyes; from lid to brow bone.
¤ Then take a copper-bronze shimmery color and blend all over your crease.
¤ Take a copper pigment and place it on your lid area and bottom lashes.
¤ Then take a dark bronze liquid eyeliner and place along your lash line and create a bit of a wing.

“Eye shadow colors such as black, brown, blue, and pink are shades that a redhead should avoid,” Leighton said.

Bonus Edition:

I also searched for YouTube videos that give more advice about what makeup colors suits who and I found a truly talented girl who posted 3 videos dedicated to blondes, brunettes and redheads in which she also adds what blush and lipstick colors in addition to eye shadow colors that would suit different people. In her video she also takes into consideration different eye colors and how to compliment them as well.

Bombshell Blondes:

Ravishing Brunettes:

Goergous Redheads:

Contouring 101
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Some people may think that the only way one can alter their face is through plastic surgery, well this is not true. After reading many beauty books and practicing on other people as well as myself, I have learned that one can give the illusion of a smaller or bigger feature on their face with makeup.

Things needed for this transformation:

1) flat brush, such as MAC 239 brush
2) fluffy brush, such as MAC 217 brush
3) pencil brush, such as MAC 219 brush
4) white pencil eyeliner
5) contour brush, such as MAC 168 brush
6) tapered brush, such as MAC 138 brush
7) a matte eye shadow, must be 2-3 shades lighter than your color
8) a cool tone brown blush, such as MAC taupe blush
9) a slightly shimmered eye shadow, must be 2-3 shades lighter than your skin color

Beauty Tip:

Colors that are darker than your skin color will give the illusion of something smaller and narrower, while colors lighter than your skin color will give the illusion of height.

How to Slim your face:

Take some of the cool tone blush using your contour brush and apply it to the hollows of your cheeks and extend the color towards your temples. Next take your shimmery shadow using your tapered brush and apply the color on top of your cheek bones. Use that same cool tone and apply it throughout your jaw line. This technique will give the illusion of a slimmer face and some may think you have lost 5-10 pounds.

Slimmer Nose:

Take your cool tone color using your flat brush and apply it to the sides of your nose; creating two lines, leaving only a pinky size space between your two darker lines. Using your fluffy brush, blend the two lines in circular motions; so it won’t be obvious what you tried to do. Next, apply your matte eye shadow color down the middle of your nose; in that pinky size space.

Bigger eyes:

Take your matte shadow and apply it all over your lids, next take that same cool tone color apply it to your crease blending upwards, try to connect your crease color to the lines you created with your nose. Then take the shimmer eye shadow and apply it to your brow bone. Next, take your white eyeliner and apply it to your lower rims.

Fuller Lips:

Take your pencil brush and apply some of the shimmer shadow and apply it to your cupid bow connecting the color to the bottom part of your nose; creating to mini natural lines. Next, take your cool tone again and place it below your lips; creating a semi circle (on the upper part of your chin). If you want you can go ahead and apply a lip pluming gloss to give a fuller effect… Watch out Angeline Jolie!

This whole makeup look in known as contouring and is frequently used by celebrities.

Universally Flattering Makeup Ideas
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It may be tough to come up with makeup looks that are universally flattering, but I have spent some of my free time over the years reading a lot of makeup and beauty books and discovered a few makeup colors that look good on everybody no matter what your skin color is. (The looks that I’m going to mention, have been tested out on 3 types of skin colors; fair, olive and dark, by yours truly.) Keep in mind that I have come up with these looks myself, the colors (bronze, grey, green) are the ones that I have learned to be flattering through makeup books.

Also, before trying these look make sure you use an eye primer, such as Urban Decay Primer Potion or MAC paint pot, to make sure the color lasts all day.

Brown/ Bronze Smoky Eye: start off by using a flesh tone color all over your lid. Next, use MAC patina eyeshadow all over the lid, then use MAC woodwinked on top of that. Take MAC antiqued and blend it all over the crease (in circular motions). Use MAC brown down over the outer corner (in circular motions). Use antiqued again on your bottom lashes (using a pencil brush). Then use a brown liquid liner over your lashes, make sure you wing it towards the end. Optional: use a brown pencil eyeliner on your lower rims.

Grey/Silver Smoky Eye: Apply MAC electra on the inner third of your lid, blending slightly upwards. Next, use that same color on the inner third of your lower lash line, then apply MAC silver ring on the middle third of your lid, blending it with electra and on your crease slightly. Use silver ring on the middle third of your lower lash line, again blending it with electra. Then apply MAC black tied to the outer third part of your lid and blend it upwards towards your crease as well as with silver ring. Apply black tied toward the outer corner of your lower lash line (make sure you blend). Finally, use a black liquid liner on your lash line, then apply a black pencil liner on your lower lash line. Next, apply MAC rice paper on your brow bone for a highlight. Make sure you use a nude lip color, because the focus should be your eyes.

Soft Green Smoky Eye: Apply MAC gold mode pigment on the inner to middle third of your lid, then use MAC humid on the outer half of your lid, blending it with gold mode. Blend humid upwards as well towards your crease. Then apply golden olive pigment on the middle part of your lid, blending it with the other two colors. Apply humid on your lower lash line. Apply MAC forever green eye kohl on your lower rims, then take MAC power surge eye kohl and apply it on your upper lash line. Make sure your lip color is nude, to not make the look too dramatic.

Don’t forget to curl your lashes and apply mascara.

My Beauty Tips!
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¤ To know whether you have a cool or warm skin tone, just look at the veins from your wrist. If they’re blue that means your cool, but if they’re green it means you’re warm. This technique will really help you choose the right color of foundation.

¤ If you mess up, while doing your eye makeup, just use a q-tip and dab it into moisturizer and just wipe it off.

¤ If you have dry chapped lips, just use your tooth brush and dab some Vaseline on it, to exfoliate your lips. This method will remove the dead skin cells from your lips.

¤ Slim down your face, by just arching you’re eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.

¤ Want fuller lips? Apply lip gloss on a downward motion, to creat a 3D effect.

¤ If you don’t have blush, just use one of your pinky lipsticks and dab onto your cheeks using your fingers.

¤ If you don’t have foundation, just mix some of your mineral powder with your moisturizer.

¤ Lighten dark under eye circles by cutting two slices of kiwi and applying on top of your eyes, this will also help de-puff them.

¤ If you have acne, on only one side of your face, it’s probably from holding your phone while talking.

¤ Got tired eyes? Use a white eyeliner to the inner rims of your eyes, if it looks too harsh, use a flesh tone one.

¤ Eye drops, help sooth a zit.

¤ Honey, can be used as a face mask, to help smooth your skin, and soothe any irritation.

¤ Organic yogurt, helps with skin discoloration, giving an even skin tone. Make sure the yogurt is plain.

(Please keep in mind that I have learned these beauty and makeup tricks, by reading beauty books and magazines over the years.)

Check out some more beauty tips and tricks straight from a professional makeup artist, by clicking the play button from the audio below.

My MP3 audio interview by user1870367

Thanks Lauren for sharing your some of your tips!

Top Makeup Stores!
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MAC: is an all time favorite of mine, not only do you get to consult a professional makeup artist, when purchasing a product, but they can also give you tips about what suits you based on your skin type, tone and features.

Sephora: has one of the biggest makeup selections I have ever seen, they also have professional makeup artists willing to help customers in choosing the right products. Their brands include Urban Decay, Yves Saint Laurent, Too Faced and much more. The number of brands that Sephora carries exceeds 200.

Ulta: like Sephora has a wide selection of brands and they also have a system, where if one spends over $25 they get to choose 8 free beauty samples. Ulta like Sephora has bonus point system, where one gets to sign up and every times their purchases over a time period reaches a specific amount they get a free gift and so much more.

Perfumania: has a somewhat limited selection, however some of the brands that they carry may not be as popular, but they are the best quality products I have ever seen, for such good prices, such as Sexy Lips and Matesse.

Main Beauty Supply: does not only sell hair products like curling irons, but they also sell high end makeup brands such as Givenchy and Michael Todd for a fraction of the price, however their selection is somewhat limited.

Mary Kay Cosmetics: is a one brand store, but they have a big selection for only the one brand. It has 8 different types of foundation for different skin types, coverage and needs. It’s quite rare to find one company that sells that many types of foundations. Their quality is excellent and their prices vary between $5 to $15.

Sally Beauty Supply: I really love this store because it has a wide range of beauty products for really low prices, for example they sell hair straightners that retail for $50, but you could get them at Sally’s for only $19.

Victoria’s Secret: this really popular store has one of the best beauty items ever, not only does their makeup look good on but they all have a candy scent to them or a vanilla scent. Some of their lip glosses are also edible; they look and taste good.

Dillard’s: granted their products are expensive, since they are all high end, but they are FABULOUS. If you can’t afford their products just ask for samples, which come in a reasonable size.

Macys: like Dillard’s, is also expensive, but I just love their products. Try getting free samples here too.

View Top Makeup Stores in a larger map

Beauty on a Budget!
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This past week I visited my local drug store and was on the hunt to find the best high end dupes and to my surprise I found a number of great products that are exactly the same as the more expensive ones. Please keep in mind that I have tested all these products myself.

Foundation: I personally love Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, but it costs $42 which is quite a bit of money, however I found Loreal True Match Foundation and it retails for only $10.95. Those two foundations are exactly the same from consistency to coverage. I actually applied Nars on one side of my face and Loreal on the other and couldn’t tell them apart.

Bronzer: Nars Laguna Bronzer is such an amazing color and gives a natural sun kissed glow, but it retails for $33. However, Elf contouring blush and bronzing palette, the bronzer is the exact same color as the laguna color and it ONLY costs $3.00.

Blush: I use MAC well dressed blush, almost every day, but it also doesn’t come cheap, retailing for $29.50. I found NYX Angel Blush for only $6.00. If it weren’t for the packaging, I couldn’t tell those two products apart.

Mascara: Lancome DefIncIs Precious Cells is such a gorgeous mascara that really lengthens and amplifies your eyelashes, but it costs $29. I found Loreal Million Lashes mascara for only $7.00. Both of these have the same effect on your lashes and deliver the exact same results.

Concealer: I love love love Bobbi Brown’s creamy concealer, but it costs $22. This week I found a new love, Milani Secret Cover concealer, for only $4.99. The coverage for these concealers is amazing and identical.

A Cure for Acne?
Posted on March 27th, 2011 at 12:47 pm by and

Let’s face it having gorgeous makeup on wont really hide any blemishes and sometimes, in my opinion, it will only draw more attention to your problem areas. So, I went ahead and did a little bit of research and also interviewed two licensed dermatologists, Dr. Katherine Baker and Dr. Anthony Thompson, to have their take on this issue.

Teen Acne Versus Adult Acne:

•Teen Acne: during my interview with Dr. Thompson, I found out that teen acne, which typically arises during puberty, begins when your body starts to produce hormones known as “androgens”.

“Improper skin care, food allergies, and nutritional imbalances are also known to cause teenage acne. Heredity can also be responsible for teen acne. If either of your parents experienced acne as a teenager, it is most likely that you will as well,” Dr. Thompson said.

•Adult Acne: Dr. Thompson explained to me that stress, stopping birth control pills, pregnancy, prescribed medicine, menopause, and oily skin are all known to cause adult acne.

“Adult acne has become a very common problem… Adults between 23 to 50 still experience regular breakouts and it can be difficult to treat because adult skin has other issues such as wrinkles,” Dr. Thompson said.

Types of Acne:

After browsing the internet for a while I came across a very informative website that lists all the different types of acne from papules to fulminans. Please check it out Click Me

An Acne Cure:

During my interview with Dr. Baker, she explained to me that there is no cure for acne, but that there is a way that a person can control it.

“What really frustrates me is those different websites and ads on the internet that claim to ‘cure acne in three days’ and what those products actually do is irritate the skin even more, and cause more acne,” Baker said.

•Acne Do’s :

¤ If you have dry skin look for a facial cleanser that contains chamomile because it’s known to calm the skin and is quite gentle.

¤If you have oily skin look for a facial cleanser that has two percent salicylic acid.

¤Look for a spot treatment that has both salicylic acid as well as benzoyl peroxide.

¤ Use a face scrub twice a week, to get rid of dead skin cells that can cause acne, make sure the scrub is made for your skin type.

¤Use a moisturizer twice a day, even if you have oily skin, just make sure it’s non-oily.

¤Drink 8 glasses of water per day.

¤Eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables that keep your skin healthy, since they’re filled with vitamins and antioxidants.

¤Change your pillow case every other day, to get rid of any bacteria.

¤Take a multi-vitamin every day.

¤Use organic or mineralized makeup.

¤If you have severe and painful acne, make sure you consult a dermatologist.

•Acne Dont’s:

¤ Never pick or pop acne, because it will only spread the bacteria even more and cause more acne.

¤Stay away from foods rich in oil such as fast foods and chocolate.

¤Never go to sleep with makeup on.

¤If you have oily hair, make sure you wash it every day, because it could spread to your face and cause more acne.

¤Stay away from sugary soft drinks.

To learn more about different acne tips, I found a great site that lists a whole range of cool home remedies, check it out Click Me

I also found a great video on YouTube that gives a further discussion about acne.

The Right Lipstick?
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The right color of lipstick can be tough to pick out of a sea of colors at the drug store or any cosmetic store, but no worries because I’m going to tell you my top picks and which suit what skin tones. I’m also going to include what makeup look goes along with that specific color of lipstick.

Guerlain- Fabulous Rouge 531: This is such a gorgeous rich red color, it’s kind of a vampire red; that’s so sultry. I think this color would suit fair to olive skin tones and it would go perfect for the classic pin-up look. To achieve such a look you should choose a color that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone and place it on your lids, then pick a light brown or taupy color and place it on your crease, blending upwards. Use that same brown on your bottom lashes. Then place a black liquid liner along your lashes and create a bit of a wing.

Loreal- Mulberry 710: This is a rich plumy color that’s so on trend for this season. This color would suit medium to dark skin toned and it would really go well for a gold makeup look. I think this would suit the modern pin-up look, so go ahead and choose a gold eyeshadow and place it on your lids as well as bottom lashes. Then choose a brown shadow blending it into your crease. Then choose a highlight color that’s two shades lighter than you skin tone and place it on your brow bone and inner corners.

Loreal- Nude 862: This is a beige pink color that suits fair skin tones. This is the perfect color for everyday, because it’s not so strong. I think placing a very light pink color on your lids and a peachy/coppery color on your crease would go perfect with this lipstick. Also, choosing a peachy pigment and placing it over your shadow would be perfect. Don’t forget to also place that same color that’s on your crease, on your bottom lashes. For this look don’t choose a black liner, but go for a brown one, because black can look harsh.

Loreal- Fairest Nude 800: This is a true beige/peachy color that’s also perfect for everyday, but would suit olive skin tones. This would look great if paired with a shimmery light brown on the lids, blended upwards and a rich brown color on the outer corners; and create a V shape. Also place that same brown on your bottom lashes. Next, place a black liquid liner along your lash line, but don’t create a wing, because the V should be the focus.

Revlon- Pear Rosedew 407: This is a pinky peach color that looks amazing on dark skin tones. This lipstick would go perfectly with a peachy beige color for the lids and blended upwards. Then place a shimmery chocolate brown color and place it on your lash line and smoke it out a bit, remember to use a thin fluffy brush. Next, create a winged V long, using that same brown color. Next, place your highlight pinky color on your brown bone and inner corners.

Loreal- Really Rose 740: I think this plummy pink color would go well for all skin tones. It’s a universal color that would bring out your gorgeous features, no matter what your skin tone is. I think this look should be fairly natural, so just go with the same makeup mentioned for Guerlain- Fabulous Rouge (mentioned above).

Estee Lauder- Pink Parfait 161: This bubble gum pink color would suit mostly fair to olive skin tones. I would pair this color with a soft silver pigment on the lids and a charcoal gray color on the crease and outer corners, as well as on your bottom lashes. Choose a gray pencil liner for this look, and place it on your lower rims.

Estee Lauder- Beige 112: This brown beige color would go nicely with dark skin tones. I would suggest choosing a dark coppery/ burnt orange pigment for the lids and blended upwards. Next, pick a burgundy brown color for the crease and outer corners. Also place that same color on your lower lash line.

Estee Lauder Stay Rose 01: This pinky mauve color would also go well for all skin tones and would look great paired with a shimmery beige color on the lids and brow bone and a purple plum color on the crease and outer corners to create a V-like shape, also place that same color on your lower lash line.

Revlon Colorstay- Divine Port wine 340: This is such a beautiful deep brown red color that’s perfect for medium to dark skin tones and it would really emphasizes your features. I would suggest going lighter on the lids and just placing a color that’s two shades lighter than your skin color and also using a black liquid liner to create a winged eye look. Also, using your mascara for your bottom lashes to really bring out your gorgeous eyes.

Top 5 MAC EyeShadows
Posted on February 27th, 2011 at 11:04 am by and


I’m sure we all know how amazing MAC eye shadows are, but it can sometimes be tough to know what to pair them with. But don’t worry I’m going to tell you what my top 5 must haves are and what you can pair them with to create any look. Drum Roll Please………..

Cranberry: it’s  such a gorgeous berry red color than can be placed on the crease and blended upwards. You could pair it with a neutral light pink color on the lid such as Mythology, and also use a bit of Gleam on the inner corners as well as on your brow bone.

Amber Lights: this coppery gold color really brings out blue and green eyes, because it’s on the opposite side of the color wheel. This can be placed generously on the lid using a flat brush. You could pair this color with Bronze on the crease and blended upwards, as well as on your bottom lashes.

Antiqued: this color is like a dark bronze with a hint of red, that can be placed on the crease  as well as on the outer corners; creating a V-like shape. You could pair this Honey Lust on the lid as well as on your brow bone, to create a soft everyday look.

Expensive Pink: this is the perfect pink because it’s not too pink that makes you look sick or got punched on the eye. It’s like an orange salmon pink color that can be placed on the lid and paired with Coppering; a bronze copper color that could be placed on the crease and lower lashes, don’t forget to blend blend blend…

Star Violet: this is the perfect purple color for green and hazel eyes, because it really makes them pop. This color can be placed on the lids and blended upwards toward the crease; to create a soft smoky look. It can also be placed on your bottom lashes. You could also pair this color with Honesty on your inner corners and brow bone; for the perfect highlight

Neutral Daytime Makeup Look
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While, beautiful purples and greens may look gorgeous on your eyelids, creating a natural looking makeup with a hint neutrals is an essential look because it emphasizes your great features. If you’re having trouble finding the right products I’m also going to recommend both drug store and high end makeup products for you.

 The first thing you should do is have clean just washed skin. Next, you should follow up with a moisturizer, then wait 5 minutes and later apply your primer. A primer allows your makeup to stay on longer and minimizes your pores; creating the perfect canvas. Wait another 5 minutes before applying your makeup. After that your makeup should go as follows:


Apply a dime size of foundation on the palm of your hand then use a stippling brush; to create a flawless look. Divide the foundation using a quarter for your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Foundations: L’Oreal True Match or Nars Sheer Glow.

After you foundation, use a concealer to diminish any skin pigmentation or blemishes. Instead of spending money on a concealer I suggest just using your foundation on your problem areas, including underneath your eyes, using a fluffy brush. This works just as good as a concealer.

Next apply a loose powder concentrating mostly on your T-Zone or if you have dry skin you can just skip this step. Powders: Covergirl Trueblends Mineral Powder or Clinique Gentle Light Powder.

If you want a bit of bronzer, you should skip the powder step and apply the bronzer lightly on your cheeks, forehead and chin. When choosing the shade of bronzers make sure that the color is only two shades darker than your skin, or else people would know what you tried to do. Also make sure you blend the bronzer down toward your neck. Bronzers: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Face Powder – Bronzer or Nars bronzing powder.

Next sweep a bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks, make sure you don’t apply too much because you want it to look natural. Blushes: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends or Nars Blush in Deep Throat; it’s a universal color that suits all skin tones.

If you want to fill in your eyebrows, choose a color close to your brow hairs or a shade lighter if their quite dark, but if your eyebrows are blonde choose a dirty blonde pencil. Eyebrow Pencils: MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil or NYC brow pencil.

Moving to our eyelids, sweep MAC patina eyeshadow across your eyelids blending slightly above your crease. I couldn’t find a good dupe for this eyeshadow, but I did find a website that sells this product for less:

Next apply a light taupe brown color lightly across your crease, using a fluffy brush blending slightly upwards. Then apply it underneath your bottom lashes using a flat brush. Brown Eyeshadows: Covergirl 3 kit eye enhancers in shimmering sands 110, use the darkest color or use MAC charcoal brown.

Catching natural light from your eye is a must, so apply a highlight color underneath your eyebrows and blend it with your brown color, making the brown sort of fade into the light color. Also, apply the highlight in your inner corners, to open up your eyes. Highlights: Covergirl 3 kit eye enhancers in shimmering sands 110, the lightest color or MAC eyeshadow in all that glitters.

If you want to make this look more dramatic you could apply a thin black liquid liner across your lids and create a bit of a wing, but you could just skip this step if you want this to look natual. Liquid Liners: Maybelline black liquid liner or Clinique black gel liner.

Mascaras: L’Oreal Million Lashes or Christian Dior Black Out  mascara.

Since the point of this look is to look natural yet have makeup on, I suggest using a clear lipgloss color. Lipgloss: Covergirl Wetslicks gloss or Elizabeth Arden Crystal Clear lipgloss.

This makeup look was inspired by one of my favorite YouTube makeup gurus Michelle Phan. I watched one of her makeup videos and it inspired me to create a natural look but with a bit of a twist.

My Inspired Look With A Twist

Is There a Secret to Flawless Skin?
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Imagine this, you walk into a room filled with people, you might know a friend or a co-worker, and so you start a conversation. Your friend might compliment your hair, dress or even makeup saying something like, “Wow your makeup looks beautiful,” while this is a nice compliment, I think it would be a bigger compliment if she says something like, “Wow you look beautiful!”. The most important thing to think about before makeup is making sure you have a suitable skin care routine. Choosing the right products might work for your friend, but not for you. We all have different skin types that require different products. A salesperson might say, “oh you should try this, because you have blemishes and all the celebrities are using it,” but trust me the only person who knows your skin best is you. I think all the salesperson is trying to do is reach your wallet. It’s all about trial and error, I’m not going to sit here and rave about a specific product, but I am going to tell you that there is a general routine that we all should follow.

Never, Never, Never go to bed with makeup on! I can’t tell you how bad this is for your skin. All your doing is clogging up your pores that can cause acne and make you age faster. When you go to bed you want to make sure that your skin can breathe.

Find a good face cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type. If you have oily skin make sure your cleanser is oil free. Whatever, your skin type is make sure that the cleanser is made for your skin type. Also, make sure that your using the cleanser twice a day, morning and night.

After washing your face with a cleanser, you must use a good toner. Use a cotton pad and wipe the product in an outward direction. Use the toner twice a day following your cleanser.

After the toner, you must use a moisturizer, even if your skin is oily, just make sure it’s oil free. Use the moisturizer twice a day.

Before going to bed, If you have any problems areas on your skin, use a spot treatment. If you have acne choose a product with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. But if you have dry skin, make sure that the product also includes tea tree oil so the treatment isn’t drying out your skin even more and causing more acne.

Use a face scrub made for your skin type twice a week, to remove any dead skin cells that can clog up your pores and cause blemishes.

Vitamins are not just healthy for your body, they can also make you skin glow. Make sure that your taking one capsule daily that includes all types of vitamins such as vitamin A, E, & C.

Finally, no matter what your age is, you must always use an eye cream before going to bed, just use a quarter dime size and dab it underneath your eyes, moving in an outward direction.