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Why Join UAO? My 2 Biggest Reasons


MY FIRST REASON College is not all work and no play. This is where University Activities Organization comes in. UAO is the premier planning group on campus dedicated to providing student-focused, social, educational and cultural programs for the BGSU community. Through diverse, quality and entertaining events, UAO strives to instill pride and lasting memories in […]

NACA: National Association of Campus Activities


I recently got to go to St. Louis for a conference with UAO and to say the least it was AMAZING! First off I got to miss 5 days of school (excused) plus free meals, 3 times a day. What college student doesn’t like like free food and missing school? Although I did have fun, […]

The Type of Events We Plan


UAO hosts a variety of programs. Our events cover The Homecoming Concert, which by the way we had Kid Cudi perform. We also have numerous comedians come each year, plant parties, Toms Shoes events, ice-skating, dinner and a movie, all types of arts and crafts, art shows, movie playings and anything else you can think […]

NACA 2011


Kizoa slideshow: My Naca Trip – Slideshow</div My trip to St.Louis for NACA! (National Association of Campus Activities) This is just a few pictures of my trip from the artists that performed, to the zoo that we visited, to dinner downtown. A little bit of my trip. : )

Our very first event!


Kizoa slideshow: Our very first event! – Slideshow

Transitioning from high school to college


Not too many years ago was I a freshman. I remember feeling scared, nervous but excited for what my college years would bring. I came into Bowling Green State University as an out of state student and hardly knowing anyone . One of the many great things about my school is the endless¬†opportunities¬†provided to meet […]

Make College Life Fun!


Joining an organization in college is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Networking is super easy as long as gaining more responsibilities and leadership roles. Many campuses have dozens of organizations that students are able to join on campus from fashion clubs, racing teams to more educational groups. There is some kind […]

I am not an expert nor have I even graduated college yet but I do know a lot about one thing and that’s college. I know the do’s and don’ts and what makes the time here more enjoyable. My blog is about an organization here on Bowling Green State Universities campus called University Activities Organization. I love being involved with this organization and after reading this, I bet you will too.


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