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The Type of Events We Plan


UAO hosts a variety of programs. Our events cover The Homecoming Concert, which by the way we had Kid Cudi perform. We also have numerous comedians come each year, plant parties, Toms Shoes events, ice-skating, dinner and a movie, all types of arts and crafts, art shows, movie playings and anything else you can think of. Within UAO’s structure every aspect of programming is covered. We have several different teams all dedicated to a specific group.

  • There is a community outreach program, dedicated to bridging the gap between Bowling Greens community and the college campus. They have sponsored events such as Helping Hand Skate, where winter items were donated for a chance for students to ice skate for free, and also the DREAM BIG! event which gives organizations/groups to win $2500 to start off their own volunteer project.
  • There is also a Fine Arts programming team which caters to the artsy side of BG, arts and crafts are usually through this group.
  • Music is pretty self explanatory. They deal with all of the concerts we have here on campus.
  • Homegrown deals with events that use BG’s resources like Dive-In Movie.This event uses our schools swimming pool and a giant projector rented from a company. Students will be able to swim and watch movies at the same time.
  • The Series programming team is responsible for programming multiple events– hint series. Their monthly movie showings in the union are what this programming team is known most for.
  • The Special Events programming team plans all big events like It’s Falcon Dark Outside. This program allowed students to play glow-in-the-dark games like go carting, dodge ball and other childhood games. With all the different programming teams we have no one is left out. : )

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I am not an expert nor have I even graduated college yet but I do know a lot about one thing and that’s college. I know the do’s and don’ts and what makes the time here more enjoyable. My blog is about an organization here on Bowling Green State Universities campus called University Activities Organization. I love being involved with this organization and after reading this, I bet you will too.


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