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Transitioning from high school to college


Not too many years ago was I a freshman. I remember feeling scared, nervous but excited for what my college years would bring. I came into Bowling Green State University as an out of state student and hardly knowing anyone .

One of the many great things about my school is the endless opportunities provided to meet people and get involved within the community. In the beginning of the all semester BGSU holds, what we call  “Campus Fest”. Here, all of the campus’ hundeds of organizations gather throughout the campus, set up tables and provide information on their organization.

On my first campus first, I went to a dozen different tables and talked to dozens of people but one organization really  stuck out to me was University Activities Organization (UAO). Even though I didn’t know the purpose of UAO then, the members were incredibly nice plus they gave out candy and what college kid says no to free candy. After signing up for an interview I left the table wanting to be a part of that group. Long story short, I had my interview and became a member of the community outreach programming team.

This blog is dedicated to letting everyone know how important joining extracurricular activities are – – and if you so happen to attend BGSU – – –  JOIN UAO!!

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I am not an expert nor have I even graduated college yet but I do know a lot about one thing and that’s college. I know the do’s and don’ts and what makes the time here more enjoyable. My blog is about an organization here on Bowling Green State Universities campus called University Activities Organization. I love being involved with this organization and after reading this, I bet you will too.


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