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Auto-Checklists with 3C Engine

Posted by jeggent on November 30, 2010

My favorite new toy with PeopleSoft 9.0 is the 3C Engine with Pop Select.  We had been using a customization to assign communications with a query in 8.9 but did not have similar functionality with checklists until now.  Being able to assign checklists (and/or communications/comments) in batch based on a query is very useful functionality to have and pretty easy to setup and use.  Below are the steps to setup and use the 3C Engine.

  1. Setup the Checklist and Checklist Item (or Communication/Comment) – Set Up SACR > Common Definitions > Checklists > …
  2. Setup the Event Definition – Campus Community > 3C Engine > Set Up 3C Engine > Event Definition
    1. Bonus: You can specify a Responsible ID and Item status at this point.
  3. Assign a 3C Group to the Event – Campus Community > 3C Engine > Set Up 3C Engine > Event 3C Groups
  4. Write the query that will select the group you want to assign the Checklist (and/or communication/comment) to – Reporting Tools > Query > Query Manager
    1. Be sure to join in the Pop Select record for the Administrative Function associated with the event.  For me it is FINA and the record is “SCC_PS_FINA_BND”
    2. Please test your query and check the results!  You really don’t want to mass assign to the wrong population (although with Bundle 19 you can delete 3C’s now 🙂 ).  You’ll probably want to include a “Does Not Exist” subquery to keep the process from assigning the item(s) to the same group every time you run it.
  5. Setup the 3C Engine run control.
    1. Select “Population Selection”, specify Event Selection items including the Event ID we created, select PS Query as the Selection Tool, then select your query.  If your query doesn’t show up, you probably did not join in the correct Bind record.
  6. Enjoy!

Adding this process to your nightly schedule, especially before disbursements for Financial Aid, could be a very useful tool for your office.  Best of luck with 3C Engine!