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Mass Assign/Release Service Indicators

Posted by jeggent on December 15, 2010

Now that my class has ended for the semester, I’m able to finally do some other things, like blog.  In the last post I said that my favorite new toy with PeopleSoft 9.0 is the 3C Engine with Pop Select.  If we did not have a customization for it under 8.9, a very close contender for favorite thing in 9.0 would be the mass assign and release of service indicators.  For us in Financial Aid, we use service indicators with many different processes including holding disbursement.  Below are the basic steps to setup and use mass assign and release of service indicators.

  1. Set up the Service Impact – Set Up SACR > Common Definitions > Service Indicators > Service Impact Table
    • The impact is what will be referenced in the other processes like disbursement.
  2. Set up the Service Indicator – Set Up SACR > Common Definitions > Service Indicators > Service Indicator Table
    • Here is where you will choose the service indicator code, the description (this is what the student will see in “Holds” in Self Service), if the indicator is Positive (if not checked it’s negative), if it should be displayed in self-service (if not checked it will not), the impact you’ve set up previously, and other default options.  You must also assign at least one reason code.
  3. Write the query that will be used to select the population to assign the service indicator to.
    • *IMPORTANT NOTE* If the query does not select any rows the process will insert a row into the SRVC_IND_DATA table with a blank EMPLID.  So to keep this from happening, on each of our assign queries I have a union that always and only selects an EMPLID that is not associated with a real person (an account we set up just for processing). If you are going to be running this on a schedule you will really want to consider this step.
    • Your query will need to include the bind record for this population select process which is SCC_BND_SRCIND.
    • I would recommend that your logic include a “does not exist” subquery to make sure that each record is not already assigned this service indicator for this term.
  4. Set up the run control – Campus Community > Service Indicators (Student) > Mass Assign
    • Selection Tool: PS Query
    • Select the query: If you do not see it on the list you probably did not include the correct bind record.
    • Previewing the selection results is probably wise the first time and set the query prompts (Edit Prompts link) if there are any.
    • Specify the service indicator code, Reason, Effective Period, Assignment Details, and Contact Information.
  5. Run the process.  We have several assign and remove processes running in a JobSet before disbursements each night.
  6. Set up Mass Release query and run control if appropriate (include a union for processing ID).

I know this was really high level, feel free to hit me up in the comments with any questions.

Good luck!