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Geeks = Zombies?

Posted by jeggent on November 17, 2010

Not a Geek

A week ago when I was watching the new show The Walking Dead on AMC I thought they were referring to the zombies as Geeks, and this week’s episode confirmed it.  What’s up with that?  Why call the zombies Geeks while at the same time never calling them zombies?  I have a couple of thoughts.

  • They are just desperate for any name other than Zombie and Walker is a bit boring to use all the time.
  • It seems that Geeks (in the sense that I use the word in this blog) are more interested in Zombies than the average person and they are just trying to reinforce the connection.
  • The writers just don’t like Geeks, creative types vs. logical types.
  • It’s explained in the comic book if I’d just bother to Google it.

I wonder if there is a blog for people that walk for exercise that has an issue with the “Walker” name?  It’s a good TV show, even my non-zombie obsessed wife is watching and enjoying it.  Zombie movies that I’d recommend include 28 Days Later (while not technically zombies they are very similar except that they are really fast which makes them more terrifying), Zombieland (part comedy), Shawn of the Dead (spoof), Night of the Living Dead (the original).  I don’t get to watch a lot of zombie movies so I’m sure I’m missing some big ones.  Feel free to sound off in the comments with your favorite zombie movie or “Geek” theory.