Sigma changing the game with a 10k DSLR

21 05 2011


Sigma Corporation announced yesterday in a press release that their flagship DSLR, the SD1 will hit stores in June with an estimated MSRP of  $9,700. The SD1 will be packing a 46 megapixel Foveon sensor along with a magnesium alloy body, 11 autofocus points, and an ISO range of 100-6,400.

Foveon? What’s that?

Unlike other DSLRs the SD1 will be using a Foveon sensor, which stacks three silicone sensors on top of each other. The bottom sensor being red, middle green, and top blue, according to Foveon’s website. This will allow for better resolution and color reproduction along with an simultaneous RAW and JPEG reading, which is a first for Sigma cameras according to the press release.

“The SD1 will carve out a new category in the marketplace by providing high-end photographers with an alternative to very expensive medium-format cameras and digital backs, while offering unrivaled image quality,” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma Corporation of America.



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