Doesn’t use digital media?! WTF!?

21 02 2011

This is an actual review from that someone wrote about the Nikon F6.

Yup that’s right. The Nikon F6 does not work with compact flash, or sd cards and yes, you are required to buy cartridges of tape or if you’re a photo pro it’s called “film.” Another surprise, rolls of film do have limited exposures ranging from 24 exposures to 36. Shocker.

Perhaps the customer should have punched Nikon F6 into Google before they hit the “add to cart” button.

(via Petapixel)

From drawing to photo

21 02 2011

Photographer, Jay P. Morgan, was recently commissioned to create a photograph from a drawn composition for the FMF (Federation of Mexican Futbol ((that’s soccer for Americans)) ).

In the video Morgan explains each step of the process, with the lighting process being the most intricate and interesting. It’s hard to believe that it took that many lights to create that one image but it wouldn’t be the same image without those lights being used the way they were.

(via fstoppers)