Chapter Nine Key Point

 Chapter nine is about the future of the web.  This chapter states that “In the not-so-distant future, teachers will be able to provide students with learning applications based on their level of understanding. ”  This is a cool statement because it shows future educators that there can be diverse learning in the classroom with the web tools.  The chapter also talks about how the web will have better communication, faster collaboration, as well as more mobility and portability.  This mobility and portability is great for the business classroom because students can have faster access to tools to enhance their learning.  In this the students can also utilize other portable devices, not just a computer for technology.  In the business environment it is useful for faster collaboration because more business can be done in a shorter amount of time.  This would allow for more productivity.

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Chapter Eight Key Point

Chapter eight has a large focus on Wiki’s and why they are useful to the classroom.  In this it states that teachers use wiki’s in their classroom to post technology projects in the wiki and then allow students to use the discussion tab to have a conversation on the information that was entered.  This allows the teacher to see all of the students work and ideas in one place and it also allows the students to hold pride in their work because it will be on the internet.  Wiki’s are beneficial to use in the classroom for project based assignments, collaboration in the classroom,  authentic work, and utilizing the captive audience.  In the business classroom I could utilize a wiki for a discussion that we might have in class to change it up from students just talking.  They could post to the discussion section of the wiki and it would allow them to see a different way to communicate with one another.  I could also use it for their co-op to track the work that they are completing in their work based learning.  In the business environment wiki’s can be useful in the company setting to discuss information worldwide if you have employees traveling.  You could also utilize wikis when working on a project within the company.  Wiki’s seem to be a great tool for the classroom and business environment.

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Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

The title of my article is “Creating a VW Killer App for the Department of Defense.”  The main focus of this article is to show how virtual environments can be utilized in the Military.  I selected this article for this purpose to show the wide variety of areas that virtual environments can be utilized.

This article speaks about the Department of Defense and their slow usage of virtual environments.  In this article there were great ideas as to how to utilize virtual environments to help the military in their learning processes.  It showed the ways that the Department of Defense is already utilizing virtual worlds as well as how they are creating new ideas for the virtual environments and how they will be useful in the learning of the military.

This can be utilized in the business and marketing classrooms to show how people are creating new ideas for virtual environments and how to utilize them.  This  can also be utilized in the business world for the same reasons as to creating new ideas as well as how to bring these new ideas into the work environment.  My opinion on this research is that the ideas that are stated in this article are useful and it is interesting to see what our military is doing to train its members.

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Chapter Seven Key Point

A virtual environment is a great tool for teachers to utilize because it can be integrated into any classroom.  Under this teachers can utilize this for professional development.  In this development educators can share sites that are important to their classroom environment with others and still be social with one another.  A virtual environment can be utilized in the business classroom by allowing students to create a virtual environment to network with one another and make strides in their learning.  A virtual environment can be in the business world in the same way of networking internally at a company or externally.  Having a virtual environment will allow for others to meet in various environments.

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Chapter Six Key Point

Chapter six explains to us that there are digital tools that allow for classroom integration such as digital storytelling and video documentaries.  In this digital storytelling is where students create a story and show their creativity in ways that look professional as well as being able to share the story with a wide audience.  A video documentary is where students can engage in a subject matter and then research, collaborate, and share what they have learned throughout their documentary.  These are great formative assessment tools for the teacher to see what your students have learned.  These digital tools can be utilized in the classroom by asking the students to complete tasks that would allow them to create a digital story or a documentary.  Students could use this in the co-op placement if they have one or they could do one on a local business.  These digital tools can be utilized in the business environment for advertising initiatives as well as internally within companies for training purposes.

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Chapter Five Key Point

This chapter explains to us social networking and how to utilize it in the classroom.  One area that the chapter specifies in is professional development within social networking.  Within this section it explains how twitter can be used for communication and personal growth.  In this it states that educators can share ideas, links, resources, and just about anything.  This can be integrated into the classroom by having students share their ideas with one another and to network with others from around the world in a way that we could never do before.  We can also utilize twitter in the business environment by networking with other professionals as well as marketing the companies to facets that could never be reached prior.

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Chapter Four Key Point

This chapter explained the importance of productivity tools.  Within this it stated why teachers and students utilized these tools in the classroom.  Productivity tools are useful because the information is online and numerous people can edit these and everyone can have the most up to date copy of the document you are working on.  I can incorporate this into the classroom if my students are working on a project together, they can upload it here and make edits from the classroom and home and no one needs to worry about not having a copy.  This way it eases the student’s anxiety about working with others and it allows them to always feel comfortable in making changes to a document.  I can also connect these key points to a business environment because you will always be working with others in some way or another.  This can allow for students to see that they can utilize the technology from the classroom in the workforce.

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Education Podcast

“ Are Single-Sex Classrooms Better for Kids?”

This podcast is about the debate of having single sex classrooms for students.  This has been an ongoing debate where it is wondered if students should be in co-ed classrooms or single sex classrooms.  This podcast is applicable to teaching business education because we could see the data behind which classroom and then work with our administrators to what works for the district that we work in.  In this podcast it does state that co-ed classrooms are better for the students thinking, so we could utilize the resources from the podcast to look into strategies for bettering our students educations.

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Business Podcast

“Smart Answers”

This business podcast explains how introverts can run a small business just as well as an extrovert.  The women who is speaking in this podcast is an author of her book and explains how introverts can be successful.  These introverts are very good at being organized and interested in the behind the scenes part of the business as compared to an extrovert who is interested in the selling and marketing of the business.  The podcast is applicable to the business world to give the small business people ideas on how to network when they are an introvert.  The people who listen to this podcast whether they are an introvert or an extrovert can utilize this to learn how to balance their small business.

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Selling to an Employer

Please listen to my podcast for selling myself to an employer.


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Business and Marketing Education at BGSU

Please listen to my podcast about Business and Marketing Education at Bowling Green State University.


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Chapter Three Key Point

Podcasts and Vodcasts are available for professional development and can be utilized for teachers in this way.  Educators are supposed to be life long learners, so these educators can be learning from their own classroom or home on a variety of topics.  This is great because there is the option to learn about these topics on your own time and not only at a conference that may be once a year.  Podcasts and vodcasts can be incorporated into the classroom by allowing students to see professional development seminars for business men and women.  This way the students can see the most up to date information in the business world.  These key points can be linked to the business environment because students can see podcasts on the topics they are learning in the classroom that come from various business people and it can allow the students to interact with the various business people.
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Chapter Two Key Point

Twitter is a microblogging site that allows students to post comments or ideas of their own with up to 140 characters.  This is a popular tool for educators as well as businesses to promote themselves in a condensed version.  Twitter is a popular area in schools so that students can connect quickly and engage in small conversations with one another.  Twitter allows students to reflect on ideas that a teacher may present and it is a journal for students to continuously update.  Within this microblogging you will have to explain your goals of the assignment to the students so they do not get off task with Twitter being a social media outlet, but if used properly it can aid your students learning while having fun.

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Chapter One Key Point

Within chapter one it explains how teachers can utilize blogs within their classrooms.  In this it shows how to integrate this into the classroom.  Educators can integrate blogs into the classroom in a variety of ways with all kinds of topics.  Blogs are beneficial to students in their learning because there is the aspect of blogs that allow them to be public.  Students will work harder to ensure their writing is to the highest standard because the information is on the internet.  With this it enables students to have better writing habits and work to engage in creating thoughtful expressions of ideas.  Blogs are a great way to get what you are teaching your students out to the public.

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