Ottawa Trip

My trip to the Ottawa International Animation Festival was beneficial to my planning process for certain aspects of my BFA project. One panel in particular, which focused on the production of the Wes Anderson film: Isle of Dogs, helped me in developing my world building process. Isle of Dogs shares a similar tone within its visual and spoken language that I wish to achieve with my piece. For starters, the time period of the piece is a hypothetical future with post-apocalyptic imagery and themes. Despite the dark tones that come from such a setting, the timing and dialogue of the film inspire a sense of humor (A very dry sense of humor, but a sense of humor none the less). This is something I hope to achieve with my piece. I fear if I make the tone too dark the characters will become unrelatable. While I want the characters to have rough situations that are indicated by their visual design and dialogue, I want these situations to have lots of personality that is unique to their character that may include some dry wit that perhaps comments on the metaphor they represent in a somewhat meta way. In Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson establishes a future that progressed from the 60s, from the perspective of what people in the 60s thought the future would be like. This is something I am considering for my project as well. I want the technology of the world have parallels to how things are today, however to also have a more analog feel. Much of the inspiration I am arriving at comes from steampunk which combines technological imagery in old fashioned looking ways. The people in the world of my project don’t consider themselves to be in a post-apocalypse, so while they wear gas masks to filter out toxins this is just considered the norm for them. The Isle of Dogs panel gave me a lot to consider regarding the world building of my project.

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