Daily Archives: October 22, 2018

Class Reflection 10/22

Today I had a discussion with my adviser and BFA professors regarding my project. In my conversation with my adviser we figured out a schedule for what point I should be at by the end of the week. We agreed that I had spent too long on character 1 and needed to move on. Since there are tasks that need to be completed for character 1 I am dedicating the remainder of the week towards completing character 1. My discussion with my professors aided in me further developing my concept. I was told the aspects of my concept that our lacking, namely the story of the journalist. In this dialogue I was able to explain my concept better than I did in my presentation, and have a discussion about how it could be improved. Both of these conversations have made me feel a bit more confident about my project overall.

Mid-Term Defense Reflection

After my midterm defense presentation I had to evaluate the direction I wanted my project to go in. It was clear from the feedback I received that my concept wasn’t coming across to viewers and that I needed to do more research to develop my topic. I believe I made in error in my choice of words when describing my concept due to lack of research. For example, I used the term “Fake News” when I really meant “Sensationalized News.” I aim to further develop my project’s concept as I create the assets that will go into it. I also aim to increase the communication between my adviser and professors regarding my project and any issues I may come across. Additionally I need to be producing assets at a much faster rate. Character 1 should be complete by 10/22 and I should begin Character 2 the following week.