Story Script

Fade In:
Location: Tree line alongside road
Plot Setup: Leroy was a lonely bird living on his own who desperately wanted a friend. The bottom line is that Leroy was plain tired of feeling sad and lonely.

Scene1: As Leroy gets up one morning he spots this beautiful multi-colored bird and becomes instantly fascinated and charmed by it. Frantic to get to the gorgeous bird before she flies away Leroy rushes to his new love interest.

Conflict1: As Leroy attempts to fly to the bird he flies into a tree and hits a branch, and ends up bouncing around the tree from branch to branch until he regains his balance and bearings. Once he is settled he sets out for the beautiful bird.

Conflict 2: In even more of a rush Leroy just barely misses smacking into a street sign.

Scene 2: Finally, Leroy reaches the beautiful bird and starts attempting to speak to her. [not in english- bird sqeeks) She doesn’t respond. He realizes that she is not alive.

Climax: His infatuation was with a simple statue in someones front yard and she is nothing more than a decoration.

Resolution: Unhappy with the discovery at first Leroy begins to cry but slowly begins to change his ways and starts building a nest on top of the gorgeous bird statue. He is happy with himself and who he is and his new found home.

Fade Out:

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