Animation Concept 2

Concept: You don’t need another to be happy in life.

Premise: A lonely male bird becomes instantly love struck by the sight of a beautiful female bird. As he tries to fly to her he gets caught in a tree, almost hits a street sign, and when he finally reaches his love interest he realizes she is a fake decoration.

Story Structure:

  1. Leroy is lonely and wants to a friend, a girlfriend.
  2. At the sight of another gorgeous multi-colored bird Leroy becomes instantly lovestruck.
  3. As Leroy tries to fly to the gorgeous bird he is caught in a tangled web of tree branches and bounces around the tree a bit.
  4. In a panic, Leroy collects him self and heads for the bird by flying under the tree branches and almost hits a street sign.
  5. Once he finally reaches the female bird Leroy realizes that his love interest is actually a fake decoration.
  6. After feeling sad for a minute, Leory realizes that he doesn’t need a mate to be happy and he begins building a nest on the fake bird.

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