12 Concept Statements

1. A lonely spider climbing it’s way across a computer desk gets sucked into the computer screen and into a different world that is entirely new and different to him.

2. A bird is love struck by the sight of another bird but as he tries to go to her there are many obstacles in the way that keep him from getting there, including the fact that his love interest is not real.

3. Two roommates are asleep as the alarm goes off at 7am to wake up one does not wake up. The roommate awake does everything as loud as possible wake the other up when the smallest cell phone vibrate startles her.

4. A skunk decides he wants to be a house pet and tries to be but later figures out its better to just be who you really are.

5. A spider is inadvertently trapped in the window of a house. As he struggles to escape he meets a fly that carries him out of a hole in the top corner of the screen.

6. A smaller animal annoys a bigger animal until the bigger animal eventually snaps and flicks the smaller animal and he goes flying across the room.

7. Electronic devices come alive and talk about how much they hate their owners and want to sabotage their lives until the owners think the devices are broken and toss them for new ones.

8. Monster is sleeping and is scared of the human under the bed.

9. Character can control the world around him by the click of a button and does so until he accidently kills his love interest and then realizes he shouldn’t mess with the universe’s set plan.

10. A young boy/character starts his first day in a new school where he is the youngest of the classes. He must find new ways to deal with and avoid bullies so that he can survive school.

11. Two characters antagonize and plot against eachother when a third character comes along that is bigger than both and the original two must join together to conquer the bigger character.

12. A character playing a video game gets sucked into the world and must finish the game in order to find the portal that takes him back to his world, but does he really want to leave the game and go back?

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