2- 6 Sentence Structures

A lonely bird becomes love struck when he spots another beautiful female bird. As he tries to fly to her he gets caught in a tree, almost hit by a bicycle, and when he finally reaches his love interest he realizes she is a fake decoration.

  1. Leroy is lonely and wants to find a friend.
  2. At the sight of another gorgeous multi-colored bird Leroy becomes instantly lovestruck.
  3. As Leroy tries to fly to the gorgeous bird he is caught in a tangled web of tree branches and bounces around the tree a bit.
  4. In a panic, Leroy collects him self and heads for the bird almost getting hit by a bicycle.
  5. Once he finally reaches the tree nearest his gorgeous bird Leroy realizes that his love interest is a fake decoration.
  6. Leroy realizes you can’t look for love and friends, they just come to you, as he turns around to find a real gorgeous bird sitting on the branch behind him.

A racoon decides he wants to be a house pet and have a family so he tries to act like various types of typical house pets but later figures out its better to just be who you really are.

  1. Ralphie wants to live in the comfort of a house and be a house pet.
  2. When Ralphie is walking through the backyard of a house he finds a backdoor with a doggie door and finds that he could easily go into the house.
  3. Once inside Ralphie sees a dog sleeping in his bed, he tries to sleep but can’t, hes nocturnal.
  4. Ralphie keeps investigating the house and finds a snake, attempts to be that but can’t fit in the tank and can’t slither on the ground.
  5. After a little more exploration Ralphie decides to go back outside and thinks that it’s much better to just be a racoon.
  6. Ralphie finds some food and crawls up in the top of a tree where he can play all night and sleep all day.

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