FINAL Animation Concept

Concept: “what’s meant to be will be”

Premise: A lonely male bird becomes instantly love struck by the sight of a beautiful female bird. He flies to her and attempts to impress her and attract her attention but fails to do so resulting in knocking her over to realize shes fake, but the surprise inside isn’t.

Story Structure:

  1. Leroy is a lonely male bird and realizes to help him feel less lonely he should find a friend, maybe even a girlfriend.
  2. Looking around Leroy spots a gorgeous pink bird across the lawn. He becomes instantly lovestruck and flies to her.
  3. Arriving at the female birds location he tries to sweet talk the female bird and get her attention but he gets no response.
  4. Trying harder, Leroy puffs out his chest and stares at her and begins to sing her a song as he dances around in direct sight, but still no response.
  5. With much frustration, Leroy flies to pick a flower for the pretty bird and places it as her feet as a gift, but yet the bird doesn’t seem to notice Leroy.
  6. After feeling sad for a minute, Leory starts to frustratedly tap the bird to get her attention and realizes she is not real at all, but a fake plastic lawn ornament that falls to the ground. Leroy starts to walk away but notices the small pretty female bird that has emerged from the inside of the fake one and they begin to talk.

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