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Ross’ art the best today.

Alex Ross showed us in Kingdom Come that even when our heroes become old and weary, they can still look good in armored costumes. His close surrealism art in Justice gave every comic fan a darker version of the Superfriends. Alex Ross can arguably be the best artist in comic industry today, bringing out are cultural icons to life through watercolor only.

Through his art, Ross gives us the opportunity to see what he sees.

Ross' water coloring skills gives lifelike qualities to Black Adam.

His art has become a desire for collectors across the country, selling up to $45,000 on his website. A small 9 X 12 pencil sketch of the Flash goes as low as $500. His art never comes cheap but the best usually never do.

Ross continuous work in comics have establish a sense of nostalgia through his art. In Justice, we had the legion of doom vs. the superfriends type of theme similar to what the old 70’s cartoon once gave us. Ross’ art gives the characters the identity of being more than “super”. His art tells the reader a certain story of each character through his water color nostalgia.

Ross' painting of The Joker is on sale for $45,000

In adaptations where artists see things different than others, Alex Ross can be consider revolutionary.

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