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Superman to be “more physical” in upcoming film.

Zach Snyder claims this upcoming Superman film, we will see a more physical Superman.

We’re use to seeing Superman being the “goody-two shoes” of comics. The man dawning a red cape with the insignia of truth, justice and the American way bleeding into his chest, always looking for the best possible way to avoid direct, violent confrontations. Whatever we saw in Superman through the last 70 plus years of being a very non-physical hero- throw that out.

Director Zack Snyder says Superman in the upcoming film will be more physical. “I will say that Superman, in the film that we are making, is a very physical cat that does some physical shit. I don’t want to say anything about the last film, but I want to see Superman kicking some ass.” (Full interview) Finally, fans can see the true power of a being that has been labeled as ‘faster than a speeding bullet’, ‘more powerful that a locomotive’ and ‘able to leap over tall buildings’.

Perhaps Snyder will bring out the true power that Superman possess. Maybe fans will finally see just how powerful Superman can be. However, are physical confrontations the way of bringing that out onto a film?

Absolutely. Superman is from Krypton, but his adoptive home is Earth and his influence are human beings. Surely, Superman does represent human traits that we all carry, anger being one of them. Interesting enough, will Snyder use the quality of anger to fuel Superman into a violent rage, or will he play it safe like past writers and directors and use the ‘Christopher Reeve’ Superman, the polite, gentle giant that flies around and slaps the wrist of Lex Luthor repeatedly?

I sure hope not. Snyder may unleash the monster that nestles in Superman’s heart, something we may have never seen or read before.

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