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Chasing Superman.

Josh Schauder as Superman returns to his native home of "Krypton"

If you ever decide to drive down the avenue of Parkwood you’ll see just your ordinary neighborhoods in the Cleveland district. Dodging pot holes, contruction and cars parked too close to the median, you’ll notice that the street of Kimberly bleeding in bright white letters and blue surrounding color as a symbol of an “S” next to it. This is where “Krypton” was, and still is. The home of Jerry Seigel.

If you drive a little further past Kimberly avenue in Cleveland Ohio, you’ll come across the Amor avenue branching off Parkwood. A large wooden fence welcomes you inside. Inside the fence is empty space and dirt. Nothing, but a wooden fence with large comic panel nailed on the fence. This is where Joe Shuster lived.

Both men in 1938 changed the world, giving birth to an international icon.

A man who is thought to be faster than a speeding bullet, more power than a locomotive.

If you enter in the house on Kimberly avenue where Jerry Seigel once lived, you’ll meet a man named Reggie. He’ll invite you in, and tell you that his family bought the house back in 1983. Not knowing that they lived in planet Krypton. Reggie will tell you that one day in 2008, the family recieved a call from a major comic industry wanting to rectify history. To restore something that was once forgotten.

In 2009, a small wooden fence was placed in front of the house with an insignia “S”.

A hero returned home.

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