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“Superman’s Cleveland”

Superman’s Cleveland? If there are any plans to make “Superman’s Cleveland” a reality, it doesn’t appear to happen anytime soon. “There is no project going on right now,” says Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Mike Sangiacomo, “The Siegel and Shuster Society is working on a Superman exhibit for Hopkins Airport, but there are no serious plans […]

John Shearer shares his thoughts

Owner of John & Carol’s Comic store John Shearer shares his thoughts on the DC universe. What issues are good to buy, which ones fans should avoid. Above all else, he gives his thoughts on what fans should look into in the upcoming months and what DC has been doing right and wrong in the […]

Batman: Incorporated earning praise

Ten. Ten current comic arcs are dedicated to Batman. Out of those ten, Batman Inc. has earned the most praise from comic fans. Currently on issue #4, this Batman series has seen the return of Bruce Wayne back from the “dead” and revealing to the public that he has funded Batman from the very beginning. […]

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