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“Superman’s Cleveland”

Superman’s Cleveland? If there are any plans to make “Superman’s Cleveland” a reality, it doesn’t appear to happen anytime soon. “There is no project going on right now,” says Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Mike Sangiacomo, “The Siegel and Shuster Society is working on a Superman exhibit for Hopkins Airport, but there are no serious plans […]

Cleveland: The home of Superman.

Josh Schauder is a fan of Superman. So much that he had seen all the films, watched the original animated series in the late 90’s voiced by Tim Daly, and religiously read Action Comics. He had even visited the only city in the United States called Metropolis, all the way in Illinois. He labeled himself […]

Superman to be “more physical” in upcoming film.

We’re use to seeing Superman being the “goody-two shoes” of comics. The man dawning a red cape with the insignia of truth, justice and the American way bleeding into his chest, always looking for the best possible way to avoid direct, violent confrontations. Whatever we saw in Superman through the last 70 plus years of […]

Chasing Superman.

If you ever decide to drive down the avenue of Parkwood you’ll see just your ordinary neighborhoods in the Cleveland district. Dodging pot holes, contruction and cars parked too close to the median, you’ll notice that the street of Kimberly bleeding in bright white letters and blue surrounding color as a symbol of an “S” […]

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