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Alex Alusheff is a Bachelor of Science in Print Journalism Major at Bowling Green State University.

Consultancy launches world business risk assessment

Due to strained economies, social protests and cyber threats, world businesses might find themselves facing numerous challenges in the future. According to a press release from, Control Risks, a business risk consultancy, launched its annual review of risk for 2012 … Continue reading

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Students react to revolutions and movements

With the Arab Spring revolutions raging in the Middle East and the Occupy movement spreading like wildfire in the Western world, University students react to them with mixed views or with obliviousness. “I knew there was a widening gap between … Continue reading

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World population reaches 7 billion

Just 12 years after reaching 6 billion people, the population hit its next milestone of 7 billion on Monday Oct. 31. The increase in population has sparked thoughts on the challenges associated with this increase according to this CNN article … Continue reading

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Test post video

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Gadhafi’s death brings civil war to close

Libya’s new government declared liberation Sunday after the capture and death of previous ruler, Moammar Gadhafi. According to a CNN article, the new Libyan government has made some signs of improvement in terms of returning the country back to a … Continue reading

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Gadhafi stronghold falls to rebels

Since the beginning of the Libyan Civil War in February, the rebel forces have been battling Gadhafi loyalists and slowly gaining ground with the aid of NATO and U.S. air raids. The rebel forces, named the National Transitional Council (NTC), … Continue reading

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About Me

I’m Alex Alusheff. I am a Print Journalism major at Bowling Green State University. I am 19 and from Wickliffe, Ohio, 15 minutes east of downtown Cleveland, where I lived my most of my life. In highschool, I played soccer … Continue reading

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