Consultancy launches world business risk assessment

Due to strained economies, social protests and cyber threats, world businesses might find themselves facing numerous challenges in the future.

According to a press release from, Control Risks, a business risk consultancy, launched its annual review of risk for 2012 on Dec. 5th.

The review forecasts regional out looks and political and security risks in 173 countries, according to the release.

World risk map from Control Risks. Source: PR Newswire.

Because of social protesting and the use of social media as a platform of demonstration, companies can find themselves on the receiving end of rising tension.

The press release advocates for businesses to emphasize focus on: monitoring the public sphere for potential threats; being more accountable to communities and governments; and recognizing that there are no easy solutions to systematic problems and demand long term engagement.

Control Risks also listed five key countries in the release for investors to watch in 2012 as Columbia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Libya and Bulgaria.


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Students react to revolutions and movements

With the Arab Spring revolutions raging in the Middle East and the Occupy movement spreading like wildfire in the Western world, University students react to them with mixed views or with obliviousness.

“I knew there was a widening gap between the rich and the poor, but I never knew it actually became a movement,” said Angel Edwards, 22, a human development and family studies major from Cleveland, regarding the Occupy movement.

Chrissie Hernandez, 18, a human and family development major from Cleveland, said she hadn’t really heard of the movements either.

“There’s always that saying: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” Hernandez said.

“I definitely think it’s necessary to bring awareness to the situations because a lot of people really don’t know what’s going on,” Edwards said.

Some students who knew about the movements voiced their opinions.

The Occupy movement protestors are just getting their voices heard instead of going through a legal process to enact change like petitions or lobbying, said Ayo Ellis, 18, a business major from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“I think it could be more organized because people have heard about it, but do not really know what it’s about,” he said.

Ellis said he supports the movement, given how difficult peoples’ lives have been recently.


Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York. Source: International Business Times

Regarding the Arab Spring revolutions, Ellis said while the protestors and rebels in some Middle Eastern countries have succeeded in removing oppressive rulers, he doesn’t know how effective they will be in in reestablishing a better form of government.

“You look at history and you hope it doesn’t repeat itself,” said Elliot Anderson III, 21, a social work major from Newark, Ohio, regarding the revolutions.

Arab Spring protesters in Yemen. Source: PR Web

Power corrupts; if a ruler has too much power, the people will revolt and take over, but power makes people greedy and the process can repeat itself, Anderson said.

It’s important that the people work together despite differing views and eliminating one person might not change that, he said.

While the two movements address different problems, some online sources attempted to find an existing correlation between the two.

A States Times article argues, however, that there is no correlation.

Nasser Weddady, a civil rights outreach director at the American Islamic Congress said in the article that the Arab revolutions evolved over a decades and happened only after every other option was exhausted while the Occupy movement really only sees the skeletons of the revolutions as opposed to the whole.

Some students agreed with this notion.

While Anderson can see by looking at the timeline of events how the two movements can be related, he said they differ in extremes, locales and motivations.

Other students did see some connection.

Both groups of citizens are standing up for their rights and what they believe in, Ellis said.

After learning a little about the movements, Hernandez said the only relation she could see is that both groups are seeking to improve their ways of living.

An Occupy Wall Street spokesperson, Ed Needham said in the article that while there is a difference between the two groups, what the two do share is a “meta-theme, the theme thаt, you know, everyone has certain unalienable rights аnԁ thаt, together, we can effect change to ensure those аnԁ provide safe-keeping for those.”

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World population reaches 7 billion

Just 12 years after reaching 6 billion people, the population hit its next milestone of 7 billion on Monday Oct. 31.

A crowd of people in China. Source:

The increase in population has sparked thoughts on the challenges associated with this increase according to this CNN article and how big that number really is.

“The number is just outside of our usual everyday scale of thinking,” Associate Professor Villanova University, Klaus Volpert was quoted saying in the article.

“We count to 10 on our fingers and that’s our scale, you know? Even counting to a million is already kind of outside of the everyday experience. And then once you go past a million, it becomes a blur,” he said.

To put the number in perspective, to take 7 billion steps at two feet per step, you could walk around the world 106 times, according to the article.

The U.N. has estimated a population of 9.3 billion by 2050 and more than 10 billion by 2100, according to the article.


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Test post video

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Gadhafi’s death brings civil war to close

Libya’s new government declared liberation Sunday after the capture and death of previous ruler, Moammar Gadhafi.

Libyans celebrate liberation in Tripoli. Source: International Business Times

According to a CNN article, the new Libyan government has made some signs of improvement in terms of returning the country back to a normal state.

Mahmoud Jibril, the chairman of the National Transitional Council executive board, said in the article that Libya is producing 300,000 barrels of oil per day now compared to zero during the conflict.

Elections will also be held in the coming months for a national congress, parliament and president.

Although fighting has come to a close, the International Committee of the Red Cross said in the article that they observed 30,000 displaced persons, mass graves and 7,000 detainees held throughout the country.

“When necessary, we have called upon the authorities to place detainees in proper detention facilities instead of makeshift structures such as schools,” ICRC delegate Hanan Salah said in the article.

Libya’s former ousted leader, Gadhafi, was captured in Sirte last Thursday after a NATO drone strike attacked his convoy trying to leave the city.

Sirte - The drain pipe Gadhafi was found hiding in after the NATO strike on his convoy. Source: Global Post

He was killed later that day.

His autopsy later revealed that he died from a gunshot wound to the head.

The question of terms of Gadhafi’s death are discussed in this CNN article.

Gadhafi’s body, along with his son’s and former defense minister’s, were displayed in a cold storage meat locker in Misrata for public viewing for four days before his family was able to have the bodies returned for burial.

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Gadhafi stronghold falls to rebels

Since the beginning of the Libyan Civil War in February, the rebel forces have been battling Gadhafi loyalists and slowly gaining ground with the aid of NATO and U.S. air raids.

The rebel forces, named the National Transitional Council (NTC), have captured one of the last pro-Gadhafi cities, Bani Walid, according to an article on

NTC spokesman Abdelrahman Busin said in the article that NTC forces planned to bolster their numbers in Bali Walid as soon as the battle of Sirte was over.

NTC forces fire at Gadhafi loyalists in Sirte. Source: EPA/

Sirte will be a major victory for the NTC because it is Gadhafi’s hometown and now a major military focus of the new government as more and more Gadhafi outposts fall.

Another interesting aspect the article brought up was the concern for the prisoners of war.

The U.N. Human Rights office expressed concern for the treatment of the loyalist POWs.

Mona Rishmawi, a senior official with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva said the number of POWs could be up to 7,000 and with the lack of a police force and infrastructure, the Justice Ministry is not fully functional.

“There is allegations and evidence of torture,” Rishmawi said in the article.

The State Department also voiced their concerns, urging the NTC to honor the rule of law and respect for universal human rights.


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