Consultancy launches world business risk assessment

Due to strained economies, social protests and cyber threats, world businesses might find themselves facing numerous challenges in the future.

According to a press release from, Control Risks, a business risk consultancy, launched its annual review of risk for 2012 on Dec. 5th.

The review forecasts regional out looks and political and security risks in 173 countries, according to the release.

World risk map from Control Risks. Source: PR Newswire.

Because of social protesting and the use of social media as a platform of demonstration, companies can find themselves on the receiving end of rising tension.

The press release advocates for businesses to emphasize focus on: monitoring the public sphere for potential threats; being more accountable to communities and governments; and recognizing that there are no easy solutions to systematic problems and demand long term engagement.

Control Risks also listed five key countries in the release for investors to watch in 2012 as Columbia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Libya and Bulgaria.


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  1. C. Van L. says:

    Since social networks enable free speech, it is only natural for companies to find it more difficult to respond.

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