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I’m Alex Alusheff. I am a Print Journalism major at Bowling Green State University. I am 19 and from Wickliffe, Ohio, 15 minutes east of downtown Cleveland, where I lived my most of my life. In highschool, I played soccer and wrestled. I was team captain of the wrestling team for three years and wrestled at the weight classes of 112 and 119 throughout my career and placed in numerous tournaments.

Me aboard a WW2 Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress" bomber plane at a 2010 airshow

During my time in college, I joined the BG News as a reporter. I find it very exciting to be one of the first people to get the news before it’s disseminated to everyone else and my friends find it very obnoxious that I can give them random facts about what’s going on at the University every week. At the BG News, I have done stories on the fallen soldier exhibit, comedy nights at Grumpy Dave’s Pub and campus construction regarding buildings and parking lots (glamorous, I know), which can all be found here.

While some of the news stories I pick up aren’t always that interesting, I still find myself intrigued at the information I receive from them and it is always fun to turn chunks of information into news stories. Along with that, I’ve gotten to meet with lots of important people and make connections with them and the other reporters at the BG News.

All in all, I love to write and gain information so reporting is my perfect fit.

About Alexander Alusheff

Alex Alusheff is a Bachelor of Science in Print Journalism Major at Bowling Green State University.
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  1. Sara Shipley Hiles says:

    Nice job. I see some run-on sentences above, so think carefully! 🙂

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