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Blog #4

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This is a painting of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol. This work contributed a new understanding of color to the world. Most people were using realistic colors before Andy Warhol and the other pop artists came along. People started thinking outside of the box and used bright, vibrant colors other than boring normal colors. The […]

Blog #3

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Artists Stories 1. Do we define a place or does a place define us? I think that it can go both ways. With certain people a place defines them and others define the place. Some artists need to work in certain environments. They may have music playing, certain lighting, and they all have their own […]

Blog #1

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Who am I…       I am an artist. I have made art since I can remember. The reason for me making art is so that I can express myself. Nobody can tell me that I’m wrong because it is something I made myself. They can try, but in the end if I am comfortable […]