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Fall 2008 Intramurals are here!

In an effort to expand both BGSU Recreational Sports and Division of Student Affairs, we are trying to invoke some interest from students who are playing intramurals, or students who have an interest in it, by creating a blog just for you. We plan on expanding the site to just more than a blog, which should attract much more interest. Some ideas include: game reports, top plays from individual games, and interesting stats from those games if they exist.  Besides that, it is up to you, the blogger, to write what you want about anything intramurals or athletics-related.  If you have any ideas that you feel would be beneficial to the site, do not hestitate to send me an email at:

The lost tee-shirt: Spring 2001 Intramural Soccer Champions

It was spring 2001 the year my teammates and I took home the indoor soccer intramural championship. It was a game to remember as we were neck and neck with the International team all the way down to the wire. I scored several goals that game and thoroughly enjoyed the victory. I especially looked forward to receiving my intramural champions tee-shirt. I received the shirt with honor, however, it was only a couple weeks before my shirt turned up missing. It’s been 7 years since I’ve lost that shirt so I am hoping this community blog will bring it back to me. If anyone knows where I can get one, please contact me. It was a day of great honor taking home the championship in 2001, and hopefully I can someday find a spring 2001 intramural champions shirt to remember it by.