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Summer Slo-Puck: A League Game 6 Summaries 8-5-08

Game 1: Black Widows vs. T Rhyme

In the first period of the contest, each team scored one goal setting what seemed to be an even pace. However, the second period would tell a different story, T Rhyme scoring four times and the Black Widows twice. The period ended with T Rhyme leading 5-3, leaving the Black Widows in a decent comeback position. Being two goals behind would be the closest the Black Widows would come though; scoring no goals in the third and watching T Rhyme add another two. The final was 7-3 in favor of T Rhyme.

Three Stars:
1. Brady Frederick (F; T Rhyme; 1G 2A)
2. Robert Yohe (F; T Rhyme; 2G)
3. Eric Blasiman (F; T Rhyme; 1G 1A)

Game 2: Bret vs. Danny Boys

Before the game began, when looking at the standings, this game was expected to be somewhat of a blowout in favor of team Brett. However, Danny Boys would put up a great fight showing they are not a team to be taken lightly. The game began with a burst of goals, five to be exact, by team Brett. After the first, Brett had a 5-2 lead making the expected blowout a real possibility. Danny Boys would not take a beating like this though scoring two unanswered goals to start the second, decreasing Brett’s lead to 5-4. This quick start to the period sparked an outburst of goals, each team scoring four in the period for a total of eight goals in the second. The third was intense though, Kevin Rawlik and the Danny Boys posting a shorthanded and even strength goal, the last one with 3:20 left in the game pulling within a one goal. The final was in favor of team Brett, 9-8; but the Danny Boys truly proved they are a contender.

Three Stars:
1. Kevin Rawlik (F; Danny Boys; 4G 3A)
2. Andy Reuhl (F; Brett; 3G 1A)
3. Will Parker (F; Brett; 2G 1A)

Summer Slo-Puck: B League Game 6 Summaries 8-4-08

Game 1: Ice Hogs vs. Habs

This contest began slowly with only one goal being scored in the first by Patrick Halleck of the Ice Hogs. The second period was also pretty even matched, both teams putting one on the scoreboard; the Ice Hogs leading 2-1 after the second. The third period however was a completely different story. The third alone saw five goals, almost double the amount of the first and second combined. The Ice Hogs’ premier passing was what one it though, having five different players score to win the game 6-3.

Three Stars:
1. Patrick Halleck (F; Ice Hogs; 2G)
2. John Rich (F; Ice Hogs; 1G 1A)
3. Jay Bechstein (F; Ice Hogs; 1G 1A)

Game 2: Fremont Alumni vs. Fremont Ross

As far as the regular season goes, this was the final match up between the two Fremont teams. The previous battle was won by Fremont Alumni in a close one 7-6. This contest began slowly just like the first one; no goals were scored in the first period. The second period only saw one tally by Robert Howard of Alumni. Going into the third, Alumni clung onto a small 1-0 lead, but their goaltender Chris Wobser had already stopped all 20 shots he had faced. How long could he keep the shutout alive? That question was answered in the third with Alumni adding on two insurance markers and playing solid defense. In the end, Chris Wobser and Fremont Alumni shutout Ross 3-0, winning the season series 2-0.

Three Stars:
1. Chris Wobser (G; Fremont Alumni; 30/30 saves, 100% sv. pct.)
2. Ryan Pickut (F; Fremont Alumni; 2G 1A)
3. Matt Hershey (G; Fremont Ross; l7/20 saves, 85%)

Summer Slo-Puck: A League Game 5 Summaries 7-30-08

Game 1 Summary: T Rhyme vs. Danny Boys
After losing Tuesday’s contest to team Brett and allowing them to come within one point in the standings, T Rhyme needed to deliver a huge victory in this one. To put it nicely, T Rhyme more than accomplished their goal of gaining another two points in the standings by thrashing Danny Boys 11-4. Robert Yohe collected a hat trick plus one; as well as T Rhyme teammate Brady Frederick collecting four points on the night. From the first through the third, there was no doubt about this game, T Rhyme won in very strong fashion.

Three Stars:
1. Robert Yohe (F; T Rhyme; 4G 2A)
2. Brady Frederick (F; T Rhyme; 1G 3A)
3. Kevin Rawlik (F; Danny Boys; 3G 1A)

Game 2 Summary: Brett vs. Black Widows
Going into this contest, it was believed to be a close one. However, team Brett would spoil the fun for Black Widows, eventually ending the game early by meeting the mercy rule. In the first, Brett scored five goals. In the second, five were scored, and they ended the game with four more in the third. Overall, five players tallied four or more points for team Brett, four players collecting hat tricks. This was a blowout in favor of team Brett, winning by ten goals 14-4.

Three Stars:
1. Bret Heringhaus (F; Brett; 4G 2A)
2. Ryan Spangenberg (F; Brett; 3G 2A)
3. Andy Reuhl (F; Brett; 1G 5A)

Summer Slo-Puck: A League Game 4 Summaries 7-29-08

Game 1 Summary: Black Widows vs. Danny Boys
Going into this matchup, there was some tension left over from the two teams’ previous contest. Both teams desperately needed points in the standings, and both teams came to play. The game started with Black Widows leading the first period 2-1. The second period had more action though, seeing a total of six goals scored between the teams in the period. Kevin Rawlik of Danny Boys managed to pick up another hat trick on the season, scoring his third of five mid-way through the second. The third period was thrilling; Danny Boys scored the game tying goal with 7:40 left in the game. This one ended in a 6-6 tie.

Three Stars:
1. Kevin Rawlik (F; Danny Boys; 5G)
2. Mike Smith (F; Black Widows; 3G)
3. Aaron Kinney (F; Black Widows; 2G)

Game 2 Summary: Brett vs. T Rhyme
This game featured an exciting matchup between the top two teams in the league, Brett and T Rhyme. Both teams have a tendency to score at any moment, while also having stellar defensive play. The scoring started quickly with Trey Rishel of T Rhyme tallying two goals in the first; T Rhyme led the period 4-1. After taking a commanding lead in the first, T Rhyme’s momentum switched over to the other bench; team Brett scoring seven unanswered goals between the second and third periods. In the end, Andy Reuhl whom collected a hat trick in the game and team Brett handed T Rhyme their first loss of the season; 9-6.

Three Stars:
1. Bret Heringhaus (F; Brett; 2G 2A)
2. Andy Reuhl (F; Brett; 3G)
3. Trey Rishel (F; T Rhyme; 2G)

Summer Slo-Puck: B League Game 5 Summaries 7-28-08

Game 1 Summary: Fremont Ross vs. Habs
Going into the game, the Habs were heavy underdogs. Sometimes, the underdogs will win though, so would this be the first win of the Habs’ season? It took a while, but the scoring eventually began with Mike Smith of Fremont Ross putting up the first tally. Not long after, Ethan Binger of the Habs matched the opening goal. The first ended 2-1 in favor of Fremont Ross, and the second period was all defense until the last two minutes when each team netted one. Going into the third, the score was 3-2 and the Habs were hungry for their first W. With 6:27 left in the game, John Powers of the Habs tied the game up. The game ended in exciting fashion with Jeremy Smart of the Habs stopping seven shots in the last ten minutes to hold onto the tie; 3-3.

Three Stars:
1. Mike Smith (F; Fremont Ross; 2G)
2. Jeremy Smart (G; Habs; 24/27 saves, 89% sv. pct.)
3. Ethan Binger (F; Habs; 1G 1A)

Game 2: Ice Hogs vs. Fremont Alumni
In a game where one team had a full bench and the other only had three subs, it turned out to be surprisingly close. The first ended with a 1-1 tie, each team netting a goal within the first ten minutes of the game. The second period was a defensive warfare, with only one goal being scored by Ryan Pickut of Fremont Ross. At the end of the second, Fremont Alumni was in the lead 2-1, but facing a great third period team. The first fifteen minutes of the third period was unreal, each goalie stopping all shots and the puck going back and fourth, up and down the ice. However, leave it up to the Ice Hogs to spoil Fremont Alumni’s great momentum. The Ice Hogs scored three unanswered goals in the last five minutes of the game, coming back from a 2-1 deficit to win the game 4-2.

Three Stars:
1. Ryan Pickut (F; Fremont Alumni; 1G 1A)
2. Jay Bechstein (F; Ice Hogs; 2A)
3. Kyle Miklas (G; Ice Hogs; 22/24 saves, 92% sv. pct.)