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RecWell Rewind – 2nd Annual Physical Training Demonstration

The Physical Training Department held the second annual physical training demonstration in the University gymnasium on March 27, 1918.

The purpose of the demonstration was to “acquaint the public with the character of the physical training carried on at the college to safeguard the health of students.” A large number of people attended the demonstration which showed that “the public is intensely interested in this phase of the college work.”

The program was divided into two parts, with demonstrations by participants from the training school (third – sixth grade boys and girls) in the first part, and demonstrations by college girls from the Bowling Green State Normal School in the second part. Demonstrations by the training school included “The Muffin Man,” a song and rhythmic game, “Black Tom,” an active game, “Ace of Diamonds,” a rhythmic game, an athletic memetic drill, an Indian club relay race, a dance performed by Elizabeth Beyermann (third grade). Demonstrations by the college girls included an Indian Club drill, a Swedish gymnastic drill, a wand drill, maze tag, the Indian Club, a “Norwegian Mountain March” dance, a “Blecking” dance, and a minuet performed by the sophomore girls.

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RecWell Rewind – Aerobics in the 80’s


Man Exercising During the 1985 spring semester aerobics attendance averaged 200 participants an evening (excluding morning and afternoon participants).

According to Michelle Rolston, assistant director/interim of the Student Recreation Center, drop-in programs, classes, information sessions, special events, and three different free drop-in programs were available to promote good health and fitness. The drop-in programs, Fit-For-All Aerobics, Weight Room Awareness, and Water Aerobics, were free of charge.

aerobics_class5Fit-For-All Aerobics was divided into three levels of difficulty. The green/top level was a 25 minute session called “Go For It,” the yellow/intermediate level was a 15-20 minute session called “Exercise with Caution,” and the red level was an 8-10 minute program for beginners called “Easy Does It.” Rolston explained that the green workout was the most popular, but participants were advised to start at the most comfortable level and work their way up.

To ensure proper placement in one of the three different levels, participants were asked to take a fitness test in the L.I.F.E. Room. However, the testing was not required for program participation. Fitness testing was also available to participants three times throughout the semester to gauge their improvement. The testing included a cardiovascular step test, sit-ups, push-ups, a flexibility test, and a body fat test.

Aerobic Class Participants Lifting KneesWhile the majority of participants in aerobics classes were women, Rolston noted that the number of male participants had increased as the weeks progressed. To help men feel more comfortable participating, a Fitness for Men activity was also offered, which focused on calisthenics and activities such as running and basketball.

In order to accommodate the busier schedules of faculty and staff, a noon workout and a 30-Minute Workout were added to the program as well. Rolston commented, “We’re striving to get the faculty and staff into it,” and added that the noon workout is sometimes the only time available for teachers to exercise.

Water Aerobics classes were also held in the Club Pool two days a week and were taught by Rolston. The water aerobics classes followed the same format as regular aerobics, but according to Rolston they did not move as fast and excluded some of the “dancey” movements that were made more difficult in the water.

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Women on Weights – New workshop begins July 6

Interested in receiving individualized attention from a personal trainer while having fun in a small-group setting?  Receive support and guidance to start or sustain an active lifestyle by registering for the Women on Weights workshop at the Student Recreation Center.

This progressive 10-class workshop includes strength training circuits to increase strength and cardiovascular endurance. Enjoy using a variety of equipment such as free weights, BOSU, stability balls, TRX, and resistance bands. Exercise modifications are available making it appropriate for beginners and all fitness levels. Class is limited to 10 participants.

July 6 – August 5: Classes are available in the SRC Multipurpose Room on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:15 PM.  *Try a free class on Wednesday, July 1 at 5:30 PM!

To participate, register at the SRC Welcome Desk. The 10-class workshop fee is only $30 for students/SRC members and $40 for faculty/staff/retirees.

Questions on Falcon Fitness programs?  Contact Kali, Fitness Graduate Assistant at

Group Fitness: New Schedule Begins June 29

Group X Summer Session 2: June 29 – August 7
Shape up this summer with motivating fitness classes at the Student Recreation Center! Students, faculty, staff and community members are invited to participate in a variety of group exercise classes during the second summer session: June 29 – August 7. Try the new Barre class for a great fusion of dance, Pilates and Yoga or cool off with low-impact aqua classes. Improve strength and endurance with classes such as Barbell Strength, Cardio Core Circuits, TRX circuits and HIIT Express and enjoy favorites such as Zumba, Cycle, PiYo and Yoga. View web for full schedule and details:

Attend unlimited classes by purchasing a pass for a small fee at the Student Recreation Center Welcome desk. Purchase of an SRC membership is not required and daily Group X passes are also available. For More Information:
Kali Morgenstern, Fitness Graduate Assistant | Recreation and Wellness
Division of Student Affairs

Experience Barre!
We are very excited to pilot a new class, Barre, that will be offered this Fall. Barre utilizes a fusion of dance, Pilates and Yoga to focus on isolating specific muscle groups and elevating the heart rate for a total body workout. This 45-minute class utilizes a ballet barre, light hand weights, resistance bands, a ball and the Pilates ring for added strength training. No previous dance experience required. Minimalist socks or bare feet are suggested.

Starting June 29, classes will occur on the SRC main level in the stretching/core area on Mondays from 4:30 – 5:15 PM and on Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:15 PM. Due to space, class is limited to a small group of participants. Get there early – it is first-come, first-serve.